Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1


An improved tablet ?

The war of tablets is still going strong and every consumer of such gadgets can’t wait to see on what to spend her or his money this time. Motorola was the first company to try the Android Honeycomb 3.0 OS on its Xoom tablet this year which attracted a lot of attention among customers. There were also people who didn’t dig its expensiveness, poor performance and looks. Set on changing things around, the Droid Xyboard 10.1 is Motorola’s attempt at attracting people again, this time with what they think of as an improved gadget. Is the brand telling the truth? Let us see what our tests have to say in this review.

Very slim design

The Droid Xyboard 10.1 – or Xoom 2 – is, when it comes to weight and measurements, happily occupying a good position among the lightest – managing to surpass even Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 ad the iPad 2 in that respect – and slimmest tablets sitting on today’s shelves. If you want to make a statement, then the device will surely get you attention, because its general appearance will strike you as being quite original with square corners that turn the tablet into a hexagon. The edges are made of solid rubber which continue on the rear (made of aluminum) and this has the purpose of making the gadget very easy to grip. A glitch in the design is the place figured for the volume and power keys to sit on: the back; this takes away from the enjoyment of using the tablet, since the placement makes finding the buttons difficult to do by just feeling them.Motorola-Droid-Xyboard-10.1

Four keyboard types

Motorola’s unique Droid Xyboard has a screen that’s beautiful to look at. All of its 10.1″ show every detail, color and whatnot bathed in brightness, contrast, sharpness and clarity. Viewing angles were, during our tests, some of the widest we’ve ever encountered on a tablet before. A single thing we found downright frustrating was the fact that the display attracted fingerprints like crazy.

There are 4 keyboards on this device and each of them does different things; the Android 3.2 one with a QWERTY layout, the SwiftKey X one, a Swype one and a MyScript Stylus keyboard. The buttons on the first were plenty responsive, the second helped us type faster, we all know what the third did and the fourth was basically an area used for composing, say, a letter with our own finger or with the tablet’s stylus (that, quite frankly, was not a great addition). We appreciated all of them and, save for a couple of times when the Swype option autocompleted words in an incorrect fashion and the fact that neither of the keyboards offered haptic feedback, they all did an amazing job.

1.2-GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor

The UI is still the same as on the first Xoom gadget, with the exception of some tweaks here and there. The 1.2-GHz TI OMAP 4430 (including an internal memory of 1GB) processor is in no way weak, but it does lag sometimes and leaves you looking at a black screen when accessing YouTube. The accelerometer didn’t function properly, registering some delay whenever we wanted to change from landscape to portrait mode and the other way around. Connecting the Droid Xyboard 10.1 to a TV was easy, because the gadget could very well work as a universal remote.

As for 4G downloading speeds, one word: excellence. Various Internet pages loaded in an amount of 6 seconds and, while down speeds reached 26.7 Mbps, the up ones were 7.5 Mbps. The tablet we’re reviewing here proves to be a capable Wi-Fi hotspot, with the possibility of simultaneously connecting five gadgets online.

Good quality of the camera

The successor to the Xoom 1 has a camera that takes photos and shoots videos abounding in color and sharpness and there is zero image noise to be detected.

When buying this tablet be prepared to wait quite a lot for it to completely charge. Over 5 hours, to be precise, and its battery lives for 6 hours when you use the device. A great advantage is that the user can connect it to her or his laptop and leave it there to charge.

Review conclusion

Want a speedy tablet with a beautiful screen and great sound? Then the Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1 is your type. Want a lag-free tablet that charges in less than 5 hours? Then the Droid Xyboard 10.1 is not your thing.

Technical specifications

Operating systemAndroid 3.2 (Honeycomb)
NetworksWCDMA 900/2100 MHz
CDMA 850/1900 MHz
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
LTE Band 13
Video resolution1080p full HD
CompatibilityAAC, H.263, H.264, MP3, eAAC+, OGG, MIDI, AMR NB, AAC+
Video capture resolution1080p full HD
ScreenTFT / IPS-enhanced
Display size10.1-in.; 1280 x 800
Size (H X W X D)253.9 x 173.6 x 8.80 mm
Total weight603 grams
Battery7000 mAh Li Ion