Mitsubishi WD-92840


It seems that there is a TV that has gathered quite a lot of negative opinions. The name of this device is Mitsubishi WD-92840. In this review we will show you that you have almost nothing to dislike about this model.

The Mitsubishi WD-92840 is not going to go unnoticed. That’s because it measures 25″ x 82″ x 55″. The screen itself is 92″. Which is literally one of the biggest sizes we have ever experienced. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The other specs are the following: a 120 Hz Sub-Frame Rate, Conventional 4:3/16:9 widescreen modes, a 16:9 image aspect ratio and a 1080p (FullHD) display format. Features include Video noise reduction, 6 Base-Colours Management, PerfectColor, Plush1080p, PerfecTint, 2D plus Depth, iPhone/iPad/iTouch Remote Control App. Connectivity is also made of many options: 2 USB ports, 1 x surround speakers output, 1 x composite video / component video input, 4 x HDMI input and others which you will find in the list under this review.

A huge 92 inch HDTV

Watching stuff on the WD-92840 proved to be a challenge most of the times we tested its performance. Because the reflections we was on its display were maddening a couple of times. But it’s not a tragedy. To avoid seeing them, you can use darkening blinds.Mitsubishi-WD-92840

This model comes with relatively good contrast levels. We say “relatively” because it means that there will be some cons to image quality, though not as severe as on other TVs. Brightness will constitute a bit of a problem. Still, the kind of blacks that are put on display are some of the greatest we have seen. This product uses a Matrix Backlit LED technology to produce them in such a splendid quality. It performs the following operation: it turns off individual sections of the WD-92840 in a dynamic way. This allows for black levels to be deeper than the norm. The quality of colors was superb. After setting them to fit our watching needs, they managed to capture the sort of beauty that we’ve come to expect from the Japanese manufacturer. But to return to the issue with brightness.

High power consumption

What bugged us was that this TV consumed quite a lot of power. So scenes in movies lacked great brightness a couple of times. However, after we turned off the device’s energy saving option, everything returned to normal and we could enjoy our movie without further problems. Minus the instances when we noticed that the bulb didn’t have a long span.

We feared we would have problems with the viewing angles. And we did. But they weren’t that serious. For instance, we stood up when we watched a movie. That made the device shift its brightness. This also happened when we took a stroll to either of the TV’s sides. Then, while we were having a seat in front of this TV, we saw that there was a lot more brightness on the middle of its display. Finally, we should conclude that you will have to avoid standing up quickly or sitting down when watching this device. It’s advisable to look at its display from the side somehow.

Review conclusion

Out of everything we saw in our tests, the new Mitsubishi WD-92840 showed us what it was capable of in great style. This TV set should be seen, but also used. Because the performance it delivers is enough to make the user get over its minor (at least for us) cons.