Mitsubishi WD-82740


People over at Mitsubishi have unleashed a new model from their bag of cookies. And they chose WD-82740 as its name. As soon as we found out, we rushed to test it and see it it really stood up to what the company said about it when they launched it. Long story short: yes, it did. We are going to try and convince you with our review.

An expensive 82 inch HDTV

There have been a lot of both positive and negative comments about the $1,799 Mitsubishi WD-82740. Since we don’t like to base our opinions on what others say, we took this TV to a ride in our room. And what do you know: this device actually worked as advertised in the first place. So there. Don’t always believe what is written on the World Wide Web and just test stuff for yourself. Except if it’s really expensive, of course. Here is what we liked about this product. And what we didn’t like, as well.

Before you get this TV, be sure you don’t have back problems. And that your hands are strong enough. Why? Well, the WD-82740 is literally one of the heaviest and biggest TV sets we have ever been blessed to analyze. We haven’t seen such a huge product in, like, a long time.Mitsubishi-WD-82740

The screen on this beast is 82″. What else when your body is so huge? But that’s a pro, since content will appear in all its intended glory. Image aspect ratio is 16:09. If you want to know about its features, here they are: one remote control, Stream TV Internet media, iPhone/iPad/iTouch remote control app, integrated 3D emitter and so on and so forth.

A single pair of 3D glasses

Using the included remote control to turn this device on, we were blown away by how fast it showed content. It took only 9 seconds, which is awesome. After that, we were blown away again, but for an entirely different reason this time: the way images looked. Which was out of this world, really. Brightness, contrast and colors looked great. Clarity was also top notch. Some scenes appeared somewhat blurry, but this effect disappeared after a couple of minutes.

The WD-82740 does not ship with 3D glasses. So just buy one made by Mitsubishi and you’re good to go. Performance for movies in 3D was, of course, superb.

This set doesn’t sport the most elementary app ever: Netflix. Which is a con not only for sure, but for our readers too, I’m sure. It’s an application that the majority of TVs made today or a year ago have. But well, you can always use a Blu-ray player if you are desperate.

Sound quality was another pro of this TV. The speakers that is built-in is capable of delivering the kind of sound needed when the viewer watched movie in both 2D and 3D. There are 8 speakers that do that. We didn’t even need to turn the volume to its max. Or to use home theater speakers as an alternative.

Review conclusion

The Mitsubishi WD-82740 is yet another example of how many more people should be made aware of the fact that this company makes awesome TV sets. And not only cars. This device merits every single praise it gets on various important Internet sites. Don’t mind the negative reviews about this product that you are going to see, trust us.

  1. Bob Smith at 6:11 pm

    I was a little skeptical about buying this TV after reading some poor reviews, but after giving it a chance, I’m not disappointed with my purchase. A co-worker of mine at Dish recommended this TV to me and for the price you pay, it’s a great buy. What really makes the picture stand out is by using my Hopper whole home HD DVR from Dish for my HD signal. I do watch a lot of sports on ESPN and the NFL Network so the refresh rate on this TV is a plus in my book. If you do buy this TV, I would recommend using Dish HD to make your TV come alive.