Mitsubishi Diamond 842


Not every day it happens to come across a TV set sporting a really big display. But the Mitsubishi Diamond 842 is such a product. So that means you, as a consumer, will get the benefit of having a great viewing experience. Not only that, but performance is another good selling point for this set. And away we go with our review detailing what we noticed when we tested this device.

Powerful speakers included

The Mitsubishi Diamond 842 packs many specifications that you will find good use of. Like a 82″ screen, 3D DLP, 16 speakers. As for connectivity, here are the options you’ll get: 2 USBs, a 3D emitter output, coaxial for a cable box or external antenna, an Ethernet port, surround sound pre-outs, 4 HDMI inputs, analog stereo RCAs, a combo Component/Composite, variable subwoofer out and a digital optical out.

Mitsubishi-Diamond-842We very much liked the screen. Because its viewing angles were of the sort that allowed, to watch a movie no matter where we stood. And this translated into beautiful colors, good contrast and all around great scores. The 1080 pixels were not bad at all. You can personalize how the display looks. There are some options for dealing with colors, for instance, and they can be tweaked until you like how they look. Also, 3D performance was top notch. We did not experience the usual light-loss.

We did not get sucky audio quality. All of the speakers have 32W. Which is a lot. But it allows for an equivalent to the standard amplified speaker system. Overall we didn’t have trouble when listening to music belonging to various genres; or to dialogue in a movie.

If you want to have access to the World Wide Web, the Diamond 842 sports StreamTV. The letter is your ticket to Pandora, Netflix and so on.

Impressive performance

This Home Cinema TV set comes with the possibility to wear liquid-crystal glasses. They are the equivalent of an emitter which occupies itself with synchronization. The manufacturer did not put a pair or more of 3D glasses in the box. Because of the device’s sheer weight, the user will have to adjust a pair of 3D glasses before using them.

We noticed that even when we sat at a distance from the display, the glasses could still show us what we wanted to see and it was all in good quality. That was what happened for us. But our word of advice is to always make sure that you do not look the farthest from the edges, because that way you will not get the best out of the viewing experience. To test its 3D capabilities, we watched one of our favorite films. Needles to say, the Diamond 842 offered a superb performance from every point of view.

In all other areas of screen performance, this set acquitted of its job in a remarkable manner in this review. Even levels of black looked as they should and as they were advertised by Mitsubishi themselves. Contrast was also nice, although it could definitely have done a better job. Colors, as we mentioned before, did not look washed-out or lifeless. Levels of brightness were generally good. And we could read what we saw on the display with perfect ease.

Review conclusion

The Mitsubishi Diamond 842 is a TV set which has a lot pf promise and delivers what it says. Except a con here and there. But the pros outweigh them.