Microsoft Security Essentials 2011 review


An antivirus made by Microsoft

Another antivirus software that’s considered a good choice is the Microsoft Security Essentials 2011 one; many independent labs gave it high ratings. Is it really such a good antivirus program? Find out more from our test and review below.
First of all, you can download the Microsoft Security Essentials for free from Microsoft’s official site very easily. We had no problem with installing it; everything went quick and smooth, just like in the case of the Panda Antivirus Pro 2011. The real-time cleanup included a mini-scan after which we had to reboot the computer and the real-time protection was able to detect suspicious items very fast. After a malware was spotted, the software displayed a warning box and a button in the middle; we clicked the latter and the antivirus did the rest. Now and then this antivirus program asked us for permission to remove adware.

Long scanning time

microsoft-security-essentials-2011The Microsoft Security Essentials 2011 scheduled a weekly quick scan that only used 50% of our computer’s CPU; this type of scan can be changed to suit your needs. When we selected the full scan, 50 minutes were necessary for its completion. When we didn’t scan our PC in a long time because we ignored the automatic updates, the scanning for viruses took a lot of time after the first reboot.

Not very effective

On the downside, we noticed in several cases during our testing that some malware items were still running after the program told us they were removed and only 50% of commercial keyloggers were detected, with two of them continuing to run even though the antivirus software announced us that they were removed. The real-time protection was able to detect 60% of malware and yet more infections were spotted after the real-time cleanup. 78% of scareware items and 89% of rootkit samples were detected and removed.

When testing Microsoft Essentials’ web-facing protection, everything went well. When we modified some malware threats by hand and put them in a folder on our PC, this antivirus software failed to recognize a third of them.

Compatible with all the Windows OS

The Microsoft security essentials 2.0 antivirus system is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Technical support is offered via e-mail and forum.
You might want to consider this antivirus program because of its simple user interface, but that’s all. There are many free download ones out there that perform way better than the Microsoft Security Essentials 2011.

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