Medion Erazer X6815


A new laptop for gamers

The Medion name might sound strange to unaccustomed ears, but, like you’ll soon find out in the same way we did in our several days reserved for testing it, that the Erazer X6815 laptop is not one to be tossed aside or returned to the shop where you bought it from; that is, not if you want a superior battery life and OS. The power and second-generation Core i7 CPU alone deserve high praises. Learn why from this review.

A high price device

While getting it on with our thoughts on the Medion Erazer X6815, you should be aware that this gadget is mainly targeted at people who can’t go a day without playing games. It costs $1093, which is more than affordable if we compare this price to what other companies charge for their products. But, a lower price means a not so attractive design: the laptop weighs a lot more than others at the same price and size, despite sharing the same compactness as what Samsung or Toshiba would come up with so as not to make customers have back problems when carrying them. The cool factor is present in the form of the black color, but the glossiness on the body will infuriate users who don’t want to see fingerprints on their precious laptops. But wait till you find out that the keyboard of Erazer X6815 and the pad both took a bit longer to reply and their buttons were very loose, despite at the same time being well isolated; this made typing easy, but the looseness made us think that the two won’t last that long.Medion-Erazer-X6815

15 inch Full HD display

The 15″ screen is not your average HD(+) with a 1366 x 768 resolution. No, the display boasted by the Medion Erazer X6815 is full HD and its 1920 x 1080 pixels have only good things in store for users, like rich in brightness, clarity, colors and sharpness images that make content focused and playback of Blu-ray material quite the treat visually speaking. Contrast was rather low, which made watching movie scenes with dark areas quite a pain. We said that this laptop is meant for gaming, but from what our tests showed, we beg to differ: the graphics card found it hart to keep up with the games we presented it with and, to help it perform well, we reduced the resolution because of higher details in those games. Issues didn’t stop here: only when we used the laptop outside did we notice how reflective it was and this prompted us to quickly return inside where we made sure that every curtain was properly drawn. Tilting the display towards the keyboard made it difficult to read what was on it, but other positions didn’t turn out the same bad viewing experience.

Core i7-2630QM processor

We were amazed by how good the Core i7-2630QM CPU was. It passed our tests for this review with a very high score and, from what we saw, the Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading Technology were main characters in this successful show. The Windows 7 operating system was, quite frankly, the one to make the laptop work like a snail; everything from system start, time to boot the device up and the like moved really slow. There’s also good news: in idle mode, the Medion Erazer X6815 kept at 25°C and the rest of the time didn’t make our wrists feel as if they were thrown in boiling water.

The sound delivered by the speakers integrated in the device is loud and voices of actors and singers sound natural. Battery life depends on what you do with the product. For example, browsing the Internet via wireless lasted us 2 hours and 30 minutes; watching a movie got us through 2 hours and 10 minutes, while using the laptop at its maximum brightness drained the battery after 1 hour.

Review conclusion

The Medion Erazer X6815 didn’t leave us with the sweetness we felt while rating other laptops, but that’s not to say we hated it with all our might. It’s just that we would have liked a longer battery life and better operating system.

Technical specifications

Screen type:15.6 inch Anti-glare LCD (LED-lit) Full HD 1920×1080 px / 16:9
CPU:2.00 GHz Intel Core i7 2630QM (4 cores)
Operating System:64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium
RAM Memory:4 GB DDR3
Pointing Device:Multi-Touch Touchpad
USB 2.0:2
USB 3.0:2
Line Out:Stereo
GPU:nVidia GeForce GT 555M
Graphins Memory:2 GB
Hard drive:HDD 5400 rpm
Capacity:500 GB
Optical Drive:Blu-ray ROM
A.C. Power Adapter:150 W
Battery Life:3.5 hours
Battery Capacity:56 WHr
Battery Size:6-Cell
Volume:2.7 l
Weight:3.0 kg
Width:380 mm
Depth:262 mm
Height/Thickness (Average):37 mm