McAfee Total Protection 2011 review


Another security software from McAfee

McAfee is one of those many security manufacturers who have recently started to include features associated with security issues into their antivirus products. Their latest software, the McAfee Total Protection 2011, is very similar to the McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011. Is the newest offer any good? We tested it on our laptop and here is our review.

Easy to install

When compared to its predecessor, the installation of McAfee Total Protection 2011 was easier and it went faster. After the process was over, the software started to scan our laptop. Several reboots later, it didn’t manage to remove what it had detected. The interface was easy to navigate through.
During our test for this review we discovered some good features. The McAfee Anti-Theft we could create encrypted vaults called vaults and these remained locked when someone wanted to access the information inside. Then there’s the QuickClean feature; this one did an excellent job of deleting junk files littering our laptop’s system. McAfee-Total-Protection-2011

Shredder technology

Moreover, it offered the possibility to delete useless Registry data and to remove browsing traces when using Firefox or IE. Another really good option was the Shredder, because it deleted files and made sure that no one would ever recover them. This feature didn’t integrate with a right-click for folders and such, but enabled us to chose which folder we wanted it to start shredding. Unfortunately, Parental Control didn’t work quite so well; a child could choose a browser that isn’t supported and have access to dangerous Internet pages.

Online backup and spam filtering

The McAfee Total Protection 2011 comes with some new things: online backup of important files, spam filtering (McAfee blocked 0.8 percent of valid personal mail and allowed 9.3 percent of undeniable spam to reach the Inbox), an upgrade to SiteAdvisor Plus and tools that will protect a user’s files. The SiteAdvisor Plus was very useful when we tested it, because it prevented the browser we were using from accessing dangerous Internet content; another pro: this feature successfully marked links in both instant messages and e-mails. It anti phishing component offered good results.

Weak Firewall protection

The Firewall could have been better. It managed to identify only 6 out of 24 exploit attacks. In terms of malware, the McAfee Total Protection 2011 detected 82% of various threats, but it didn’t remove all of them completely. Only 78% of rootkit samples were detected. The suite had a low impact on our laptop’s general performance.

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