McAfee Antivirus 2011 review


Another security software from McAfee

The American company McAfee is viewed as one of the most important ones today. They are well-known for their quality PC and desktop security software solutions. Their latest antivirus, the McAfee Antivirus 2011 is supposed to be a compelling security product. We tested it and here is what we have to say about it in this review.

Easy to use interface

We were pleased to see that the software started doing its job during installation. The software is available for free download in trial version. This was why we didn’t encounter problems with the process and why the speed was so good. Once the product became part of our laptop we launched it and were welcomed by an improved and easy to use interface. Beginners shouldn’t worry in the least when using the McAfee Antivirus 2011 for the first time. The main menu offered every feature and option we might have wanted and the color-coded security banner informed us if our computer’s security was up to date or not.McAfee-Antivirus-2011

QuickCleaner feature

In the features department we found some pretty nice and unique ones during our test for this review. The Idle Timer, for example, started a scan when it saw we weren’t using our PC and it paused its activity when it noticed we had started to use our computer. It also offered the possibility to save the battery life of a customer’s PC by not starting a scan if they weren’t using their device. The QuickCleaner feature effectively located and then removed junk files that were causing slowdown or fixed them. The digital file shredder gave us a hand in removing junk files for good and shredded them up to ten times for complete removal.

SiteAdvisor technology

The SiteAdvisor plug-in did a fine job of protecting us against online threats and thus made shopping, browsing and downloading both easier and safer; this plug-in has a toolbar which provides information on the security status of sites you browse at any given time.
When talking about updates, the McAfee Antivirus automatically updates itself. The software is among those who silently work in the background and don’t annoy you with unnecessary pop-ups.
Customer support is varied and overall very good. Help is provided online via e-mail, online chat, a page with FAQs, knowledgebase, phone, subscription to a premium support plan and, lastly, via McAfee Virtual Technician.

Review conclusions

While far from being BitDefender, the latest McAfee Antivirus 2011 offers good performance and has some quite unique features, revealed in the test performed for this review.

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