Mac OS x Mountain Lion 10.8


A new OS from Apple

Details of a new operating system designed by Apple came out on the 16th of February. The Mac OS x Mountain Lion 10.8 is the successor to the OS X 10.7 Lion, the Snow Leopard and the Leopard. The American company seems to have a fascination with powerful animals. This might be the sign that Apple is aiming at a unified OS. But that’s still far away for us and you to even get our hopes high. Right now we’ll give you more than a taste about this recent release after you read this review.

iCloud technology

The Mac OS x Mountain Lion 10.8 is not yet available to casual users. Developers working at Apple are, so far, the only ones to experience it. Once the summer months come, our readers will also be among the people who get to test it themselves. The Mac App Store will feature it, as usual. That being said, this operating system took only 7 months to be conceived. That tells us loads about the speed with which technology advances.Mac-OS-x-Mountain-Lion-10.8

The features that make the Mountain Lion be what it is were borrowed from the iOS 5. That’s a normal move for Apple. iCloud has also been integrated big time. The Launch Pad with its added search feature is one of the novelties. There’s Twitter integration among them. Applications installed by default have had some changes done. The Notes feature located in the Mail app is now an app of its own. Owners of Macs, look here: the Mountain Lion gives you direct access to GameCenter. That’s seriously awesome.

iMessage available

The iMessage is a major thing on the iOS 5. We’re more than glad to see it on the Mountain Lion. If you started to talk to someone on your Mac, you can take that discussion and continue it on a device that works with iOS. There’s no limit on how many messages you can use. Yahoo! Messenger AIM, GTalk and several more are supported.

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 is a very helpful way of creating and keeping track of notes. On each of the Apple gadgets the user has.

The web browser is still Safari. We were finally able to do a search from the address bar. The older version didn’t let users do that. Lovers of Twitter: this OS lets you tweet directly from Safari. And from other apps.

The notification Center means that you can read alerts from various applications in a very quick manner.

Gatekeeper security

Security should be a major point of interest in any important software, operating system and many more places. The one to protect Apple’s newest OS is called Gatekeeper. Like something taken out of The Lord of the Fingers. This is completely new, but so great. It translates into the user being able to make their own security settings.

AirPlay mirroring fits in the novelty department. The feature is supposed to let the user see the display of their PC/laptop on a TV. All will be possible on a wireless basis. But for that to happen, an Apple TV is needed. It’s the best way to play a game, for instance. Bear in mind, though, that 720p HD is the only one supported.

Review conclusion

In the of the tests performed for this review we can conclude that the Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 has good chances of dethroning Windows 8. The WWDC 2012 will reveal to the rest of the world not in the developers’ universe what this OS is all about.

  1. Alexandra at 2:48 pm

    I think Apple must be more focused to what the clients and users wants, not just on the profit, like they do it in this moment.