Loewe Connect 32 LED


A powerful LED TV from Loewe

With the Connect 50 model, Loewe becomes one of the most powerful LED TV producers. We must admit that the price of this gadget is higher, but the new Connect 32 LED seems to be one of the best LED TV on the market.


Apparently, this is just another wonderful TV LED Backlight produced by Loewe. The design is inspired and the model is made from a white material with a black frame, a choice which accentuates the contrast between the display and the frame. The foot is very well done, from chrome, and it has four feet. The TV has a few dedicated connections, an integrated hard drive and a lot of multimedia features. Other features included in the package are three dedicated tuners, a beautiful aluminum remote and a lot of other options. The Connect 32 LED TV seems to cover a lot of necessities. Let’s see the review and whether or not this TV deserves your money ! 🙂


loewe-connect-32-ledThe first view you get of this LED HDTV 1080p with a 32-inch diagonal is its spectacular image quality. The image is truly excellent if you use HD sources for the signal. Another interesting thing is that this TV is able to remove small problems from the file source. Should you be interested in this TV, it’s not a perfect product. At some points you can see noise, resolution problems at fast movements and contours that aren’t completely smooth. However, this impressive TV is till on top of the most powerful TV we’ve tested for our reviews.

If you have doubts, you must take a fast look at the intensity of black on the grayscale and the natural colors displayed by this LED TV. You have to be aware that it’s difficult to deliver a better job at this chapter. The black frame of the border seems to amplify the effect of the image and the result is spectacular. This is a really good point for Lowe. Noise seems to appear on almost all HD files used, but it somehow vanishes, because the colors and contrasts are almost perfect. Another thing which can disturb the quality of the image is the DMM mode. We believe that it’s better to disable it. This mode can affect the noise reduction and the ambient light if you don’t do that.

A real All-In-One TV

Another positive point of this TV is its full side capability. This LED TV is able to do a lot of things. It has a lot of features, like the all-in-one compatibility with HbbTV, HD tuner, satellite tuner (optional) and cable tuner with CI. You just insert in the device’s slot your paid channel card ant the TV will display the image and the channel on the screen.

This TV sports a hard drive and is able to offer the possibility to record a movie, for example, while you’re watching a movie on another channel. This TV seems to have all the necessary things integrated. It is easy to use and its interface has a good response time when you perform different tasks.

Full of multimedia possibilities

If yo need a lot of multimedia features and possibilities, the Loewe Connect 32 LED could be the answer to all your questions. This TV is a box full of technology. You have access to two USB 2.0 ports for different applications online (MediaNet service, for example). You then have access to wired Ethernet or wireless network configuration after just a few steps. If you connect the TV to the web, you have instant access to Internet radio, you can navigate the Internet via the Opera browser or you can use Streaming multimedia content from your computer directly from the network.

This TV prides itself on a lot of features and good implemented ideas. The diversity of multimedia formats which are supported is out of this world. As for the video part, this model seems to have a lot going on. Comparing it to other models, the product is able to read multiple formats of files which aren’t easy to read by other TVs from the same class.

Other features

You must know that it is possible to connect a USB or wireless keyboard directly to this TV and navigate the web without having to use a remote. Another interesting function is called “Follow me”. With this one you can start a program on TV Loewe in a room and you are able to see the end of the show in another room. Without interruption ! However, you will need two TVs for this task. We very much like the remote provided with the TV. It is made from aluminum and comes with a very attractive white finish. Overall, this TV has pleasant sound, great image capabilities and a lot of features. If you have enough money, this TV is a really good investment.

An expensive TV

You must know this TV is “a little bit” expensive. In default configuration, the Loewe Connect 32 LED costs about 2,190 euros. However, this the price without any supplemental features included. You must add about 500 euros for the DR + function (hard disk recorder with duplication of tuners). If you need satellite tuner, you must pay another 180 euros. If you are interested in a special design, you can choose the Silver Chrome finish. For which you will pay about 100 euros.

A simple calculation shows that this TV in full configuration will cost about 2 980 euros. This is an unpleasant price for a 32 inch TV. And you must know that the TV is not able to offer 3D capabilities.

Review conclusion

After our tests we can say that this TV is truly impressive at all the most important chapters. Its only problem, from our point of view, is its high price.

Technical specifications

Display technologyLCD LED
Nominal resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Diagonal Screen Size (cm)82
Image size16:09
Image frequency100 Hz
Label HDHDTV 1080p
Response Time6 ms
Max dynamic contrast (1)5000000
Vertical viewing angle (°)176
Horizontal viewing angle H (°)176
Ambient light sensorYes
3D displayNo
HDD recordingYes (internal disk)
Output power (RMS)40
Number of speakers3
RCA video input1
RCA audio input1
Antenna Input1
Headphone jack1
Coaxial digital audio output1
Optical digital audio outputNo
Total weight (kg)19.6