LG Viper 4G LTE


A new cheap smartphone

LG partnered with Sprint and offered it its Viper 4G LTE smartphone. While also offered as a prepaid phone, this phone is what the American network was looking for to to bring themselves one step closer to the modern times we’re currently living in. This handset is $99 with a contract and is the – so far – first device to feature the new LTE network from Sprint. Does this smartphone make the cut? Because there are many Sprint phones which are very good. We tested this model to see and then wrote this review.

Solid design

The LG Viper has no problem in just being a solid smartphone. Also, it’s one of those phones which leave one with a sense of deep comfort. It measures 4.59″ x 2.44″ x 0.46″. Its weight is 5 ounces. These are the two elements which make this device thin and light. Plastic is the one material that went into the making of the Viper. We’ll say this again: plastic doesn’t always have to mean bad quality. There are cases when it does, but this phone is not one of them. We can actually say that the device looks and even feels classy. The rear has a slate-gray color. It won’t fall that easily while grasping it. So yes, design is most definitely not a con.LG-Viper-4G-LTE

One more thing about the phone’s looks. They care about the environment. That plastic is, to be more exact. Because it’s 50% recycled plastic. The whole package contains 87% recycled material, as well. The charger it provides is supposed to be energy-efficient. And it really is: if you do not use it, then it will automatically turn itself off. We didn’t find an Energy Star certification on this model, but one thing is 100% verified: the phone does not contain dangerous materials.

1.2GHz dual core processor

The touchscreen is an LCD 800 x 580 pixels one. It measures 4″, which means that reading text, writing text messages and so on is done in a pleasant way. There are 233 pixels per inch featured by the display. Retina display is not what the touchscreen here is all about. But still, its performance is good, compared with other tested models.

The LG Viper 4G LTE functions with a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU. It is capable of running very well, even with an army of 400,000 apps. The latter are provided by the phone’s operating system, an Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The Ice Cream Sandwich is still an option for the most likely near future. Hopefully. But it nonetheless won’t leave you having to deal with lags. Or freezing of Internet pages. The feature we loved out of all of them was the Google Wallet one. Via this option we tapped and payed using a PIN code at all those stores which accept MasterCard PayPass.

5MP camera

The LG Viper has a voice quality that is sucky. We had problems hearing what people were saying when talking to them over this phone. Reception for signal was good, though. Battery lasted almost a full day, a performance similar with the other reviewed smartphones, from the same class of price.

Print’s 3G network isn’t very famous for its speeds. The phone couldn’t really open Internet pages quickly enough for us to keep our hair on our head. But at least you’ll be given unlimited data. As a hotspot, the phone accepts a number of 5 devices. With limited data.

We did manage to snap some pics with the device’s 5MP camera. They looked very good. Dynamic range, speed and sharpness were all powerful pro points.

Review conclusion

If you’ve been won over by the LG Viper 4G LTE, then do buy it. It looks good, it has good CPU speed, specs and is cheap if you get it off Sprint.