LG Thrill 4G


A new Android powered smartphone

LG smartphones are not as popular as those offered by other brands; which is a shame, because some of them are quite good and worth the money you pay for them. The new LG Thrill 4G seems to have gotten quite a number of loyal fans which think very highly of it. And, because we wanted to see whether they were right or not, we tested the smartphone. Read our following review for more details.

3D mode

As usual, we’ll begin our review by discussing the design of this device. The latest phone launched by LG is a black slab-style one. It measures 5.0″ x 2.7″ x 0.5″ and comes with a weight of 167g; weirdly enough, the latter should have meant that the product was light, but when we held it it felt somewhat heavy. An UBS and HDMI port are housed on the left side; the top panel sports a power key. The 3D button installed by manufacturers didn’t activate the camera of Thrill 4G, as you might have thought; instead it opened the 3D mode.LG-Thrill-4G

4.3″ TFT LCD touchscreen

As for display, the LG Thrill 4G has a 4.3″ 3D TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen with the following resolution: 800 x 480. Sadly, even though it delivered very nice colors and brightness, we couldn’t really see it in direct sunlight; another con for the touchscreen: it didn’t offer protection against fingerprints. Also, during our test, we noticed that the filter which should have turned the display into a 3D panel didn’t really work.
The LG Thrill 4G runs on Android 2.2.2 and uses a dual-core 1GHz processor. The operating system comes with a TI OMAP 4430 chipset. Another disappointment was the long time it took for the phone to open its display. But, other than that, it worked well. The camera was a decent one; photos looked bright and had beautiful colors, but they weren’t that detailed or sharp.

A lot of apps

In the apps department, the Thrill 4G includes about 200.000 of them; we will mention just a few: AT&T TV, Facebook, Twitter, Kindle and many others. The web browser worked smoothly and pages opened fast. There was also support for e-mail programs.
What we thought funny was the fact that, despite its name, the new LG smartphone wasn’t 4G. But it surely offered 3G possibilities which weren’t exploited to their fullest, because the screen was too small and had a much too low resolution; what is more, the device doesn’t integrate a 3D viewing angle.
As for memory and storage, the gadget sports an 8GB microSD card along with 5.5GB of internal memory.

Good sound performance

In terms of multimedia, the LG Thrill 4G provides a music player with good sound performance. The only format not compatible is WMA.
Audio quality was generally impressive. Our friends sounded loud when we called them and they had no problem hearing us; the speakerphone also worked impeccably. We didn’t notice distortions and talk time was around eight hours. The bands the phone supports are 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100.

Review conclusion

All things considered, after the test performed for this review we can conclude that the LG Thrill 4G is quite a nice option if you love smartphones and want one which is easy to use and boasts 3D. If you want something more and have higher expectations, this is not the one for you.

Technical specifications

* First ever dual-core processor, dual-channel and dual-memory architecture for efficient multitasking
* YouTube 3D integration provides immediate access to upload and watch 3D videos on the go
* 4.3″ 3D touch display allowing for comfortable glasses-free 3D viewing
* YouTube 3D integration provides immediate access to upload and watch 3D videos on the go
* Shoot life-like 3D videos and images in high definition using the 5MP dual cameras
* Phone Book Capacity: 100 Entries
* Minimum Rated Standby Time: 144 hours
* Minimum Rated Talk Time: 150 minutes
* Battery Type: Lithium Ion
* Network Compatibility: UMTS
* Weight: 4.64 ounces
* Size (LWH): 2.09 inches, 0.6 inches, 4.25 inches