LG Rumor Reflex‎


A new phone for Sprint

If you’ve been on vacation, you must have definitely missed the latest news soaring around in Internet world. LG is another brand to make a comeback this year. The South Korean manufacturer thought long and hard and reinvented its past successful LG Rumor. Which is now sporting a brand new name: Rumor Reflex. This smartphone, besides its name change, features other novel things. Like its design, cam, keyboard and display. It will not wow with all of the other phones’ special features, though. But for a new gadget, it’s reliable and has interesting specifications.

Physical keyboard

The LG Rumor Reflex is cheaper once you get it via Sprint and its 3G network. It will only cost you $29.99 if you close a 2-year contract with them. And after you send in a mail-in $50 rebate. If you don’t want all of this, standard price is $79.99 on Boost Mobile. All in all, this is a good catch if only thanks to its cheap price.

The body of the Rumor Reflex has the following dimensions: 4.2″ x 2.1″ x 0.6″. The small and compact frame is light of you care for this detail: 4.7 ounces in total. Considering that this phone comes with a physical keyboard, that’s a really good weight. It will have no problem if you want to quickly throw it into a pocket.LG-Rumor-Reflex

3 inch WQVGA capacitive display

As on all phones, the front is dedicated to a touchscreen. A 3″ one to be precise. It’s a WQVGA capacitive display with a res of 400 x 240 pixels. The amount of colors this touchscreen is able to render is not very generous: only 262,000. That affects the way images look: neither too vibrant nor too crisp. Content looked grainy in our tests performed for this review. Games and clips on YouTube had a lot of pixelation when we played/watched them for this review. But that went away when we read text. The latter didn’t pose issues at all. Menu icons were also easy to read. Clicking on links, scrolling and typing happened as successfully as on any other touchscreen. The keyboard is of a QWERTY type. Its buttons are extremely easy to push and they offer good feedback. Their drawback: too small.

A single-core 480MHz CPU brings the whole Rumor Reflex to life. This processor will easily offer texting, navigation and other simple tasks like browsing through pics. Internal storage is made of 512MB. Generally, the phone’s CPU did not lag when we did all that basic stuff.

2MP camera

A 2MP camera that comes built-in delivers OK photos. It also records short clips whose quality is, again, decent. But its interface is a big con. It will cause you to make a lot of mistakes. So skip this phone if you judge a device by its interface, too.

And then we took the Rumor Reflex out for a walk to see how it would react on the street. Call quality was really good. On the several occasions we made calls or received them, our friends and we sounded good. The phone did not drop calls, not even once during tests. Battery was splendid: we got a day and a half of use thanks to it.

Speed on Sprint’s 3G network was annoyingly slow. It took quite a lot of seconds to have Facebook load up. The mobile version of The New York Times opened after 25 seconds.

Review conclusion

Feature handsets are back in business. The LG Rumor Reflex is solid proof of that. And it is a smartphone which will be well suited to consumers who don’t want the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S II or the iPhone 4S.