LG Optimus Slider (Virgin Mobile)


A low-end Android smartphone

Costing only $159.99, the LG Optimus Slider for the Virgin Mobile carrier belongs to the low-end spectrum of smartphones that use Android. It strikes users with a perfectly good voice performance, a keyboard that uses QWERTY and has plenty of room for its buttons, multimedia features and other attractions. However nice that sounds, don’t be fooled, because you’ll soon discover that there are better smartphones to own. Still, if you don’t mind its drawbacks, then go ahead and buy it. More on our views on this device in this review below.

3.2 inches screen

Because the LG Optimus Slider is mainly a smartphone best summed up by its big slide-out keyboard, lightness has to be taken out of the equation, so the weight is 5.5 ounces. This smartphone is not as slim as, say, Samsung’s offerings, but we didn’t expect it to be; again, because of its keyboard. The plastic in dark grey hues embraces the body in a way that we think is quite tasteful and the battery cover on the rear assures softness to the touch. The screen on the front is of 3.2 inches, capacitive, of a touch nature and with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. If the res were higher, we’d have seen, in our test, better brightness and clarity and colors would have looked more vibrant than they actually did; but, as it were, we were more than able to write this review and work with applications, so don’t sweat if you’re reading this before getting your Optimus Slider for Virgin Mobile delivered on your doorstep.LG-Optimus-Slider-(Virgin-Mobile)

QWERTY keyboard

After turning the phone on, we saw that it slid and presented us with a QWERTY keyboard that had 4 rows. We greatly appreciated the sense of comfort it offered when using it for composing text messages and writing something in the search bar when online. The buttons are made of plastic, they have generous spaces between them and great visuals.

Bringing any smartphone to life is a job for the operating system and the one that does this on LG’s Optimus Slider is Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Its integration with Google+, Gmail and other services pertaining to Google is easy peasy, as is the use of Android Market with its vast number of applications. No lagging of any kind was visible and opening and closing stuff was fast. Google Voice Actions is a feature that opens up new possibilities, like: sending messages, making calls and such in a hands-free way so that you won’t have to take your eyes off the road when driving. GPS opens turn-by-turn navigation as fast as you want it to find an address for you.

MSM7627T 800MHz processor

The 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7627T CPU worked well, but LG still needs to work on it or replace it with something of superior quality. Games that belong to the heavyweight category should not be considered if you don’t want this smartphone to die on you.

The lack of flash on the 3.2MP camera is a major drawback and disappointment, so much so that, quality-wise, pictures look bad and videos more so.

Talk time was, in the case of the Optimus Slider for Virgin Mobile, around 8 hours of life and the battery lasted throughout the day.

Review conclusion

As far as smartphones go, LG’s Optimus Slider will never be up there with the more sophisticated HTCs, Samsung models, iPhones and the like, but the fact that it has a slide-out keyboard and a cheap plan pricing provided by Virgin Mobile will raise the interest of many customers.

Technical specifications for LG Optimus Slider

Form Factor Slider
Operating System Android OS
Screen Details 320-by-480, TFT LCD capacitive touch screen
Digital Camera included
Screen Size 3.2 inches
Camera Flash Yes
Megapixels 3.2 MP
Bluetooth Yes
Bands 850, 1900 MHz
Web Browser Yes
802.11x Yes
High-Speed Data EVDO Rev A
Network CDMA
Qwerty Keyboard Yes
CPU frequency 800 MHz
Internal Storage Capacity 156 MB
Continuous Talk Time 8 hours 10 minutes