LG Optimus M


A new phone from South Korea

When South Korean manufacturer LG had an idea involving a new series of smartphones, everybody got really curious. That’s the effect a very successful company usually has on its fans. So the said line received the following name: Optimus. One of the models which is part of it is LG Optimus M. People who use MetroPCS can get it at a price of $229. Without signing a contract. But we’ll get this out of the view and instead tell you, in today’s review, about what struck us the most and the least about this handset.

Multitouch 3.2 inch display

The Optimus M has three other siblings: the Vortex, the T and the S. These three smartphones all share the same design. Not the M, though. It’s not 100% different from its relatives, but there are elements which make it unlike them. The dimensions are different: 4.57″ x 2.22″ x 0.63″. There are no curves on this model. The body is somewhat heavier than the weights of its relatives: 5.39 ounces. The phone’s casing is made from hard plastic whereas its siblings are softer to the touch.LG-Optimus-M

A 3.2″ LCD touchscreen takes its rightful place on the device’s front. The total amount of pixels sported by it is 320 x 480. Colors are 65,000, which is less than the previous models. The touchscreen is capacitive. During our testing session, it delivered correct amounts of sharpness and colors in our review. The display replied quickly to our taps and swiping. Animations, brightness and other elements can be adjusted easily. Pinch-to-zoom is an option, and so is multitouch. The Optimus M comes with a proximity sensor. It aims at shutting the display off whenever the user puts the handset to his or her face to make a call.

No flash support

Besides boasting an Android touch keyboard, the phone offers an alternative: a Swype one. So you’ll never have to rely on only one keyboard.

Features that are integrated by LG on its most recent smartphone are all offering their own pros. We’re sorry to report that the OS is not Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s instead the 2.2 version. As a result, no Wi-Fi capabilities are on the phone. Also, no support for in-browser Flash video is offered. There’s GPS, Google services, Bluetooth with A2DP streaming and other features that make up for the cons. Text and multimedia messaging, speakerphone and so on are fully featured by the Optimus M.

All the standard apps are accompanied here by some made by MetroPCS themselves. A couple of examples: MetroWeb browser, Mobile Banking and Mobile IM. There are 150MB of internal memory. Major pro here is support for 32GB microSD cards. Behold time talk during battery drain testing: 7 hours and 40 minutes.

3.2MP camera

We were then curious as to how our voices and those of our mates would sound on this phone. We had no issue with understanding what they said to us during calls. As for how we sounded to them: overall good quality. Distortions were, thankfully, absent. The speakerphone delivered some echoes, but not many.

The camera is a simple one. Its 3.2MP are doubled by a good number of settings. Picture quality was quite a very pleasant surprise. We had issues with photos taken in low light. Recording QCIF, QVGA and VGA clips is done perfectly well.

3D coverage was very dependable and solid. EV-DO Rev. 0 speed was decent.

Review conclusion

The LG Optimus M is a smartphone that does not impress as much as its brothers. And yet, one shouldn’t think of it as a failure. It’s not.

  1. Sineta at 1:00 pm

    The only weak point of the phone is that it has no Flash support. I have some doubts. It will work on youtube, for example ?