LG Optimus L7

A heavy category smartphone

It looks like South Korean manufacturer LG does not have the same success that its rival, Samsung, has in the UK. More specifically, the sort of success that the Galaxy series has. This, though, doesn’t imply that the company will step aside and let Samsung rule. Not in a million years. Ever since people working there saw what they had to go against, they took to their labs and designed a new series called L. The products belonging to it were shown during the annual Mobile World Congress earlier this year. Their names are Optimus L5, Optimus L5 and Optimus L3. Out of these 3 smartphones, the one we’re reviewing today – the L7 – is the heaviest and biggest.

4.3 inch display

The LG Optimus L7 is available in 3 price categories. Either SIM-free for £330, pre-order from Expansys or for free on a £26 monthly contract. The thing that immediately attracts attention is the touchscreen. It has a surface of 4.3″, so it is big enough to make it easy to read text and do whatever you want to do in a way that won’t affect your eyesight for the worst. The overall design is nice. Nothing really stands out, but then again this is a phone that addresses itself to people who cannot afford more successful brands and their equally more successful models. LG-Optimus-L7

Even though the display is roomy, the resolution is not as equally impressive. The 480 x 800 pixels mean 217 pixels per inch. So we could not, in tests, see details as sharply as on touchscreens with superior resolutions. But clarity is present to somehow make up for that lack. Colors are not vibrant; instead, they appear washed-out. The responses we wanted to see from the display were kinda slow to appear. Lags were a con on this model.

Powered by Android 4.0 ICS

The kind of operating system to run on the Optimus L7 is the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So this smartphone is not lacking in this area. But this version doesn’t exactly have all of the OS’s features. For instance, the usual Face Unlock is missing. If you want to resize the home screen widgets, you cannot do so.

On to performance. Which was, sadly, not as snappy as the performance of other smartphones made by LG. The device’s 1GHz single-core chip can’t really keep up with the phone’s requirements. Apps that download will make it hard for swipes to be noticed. We had to wait quite long to see pages appear on the screen when preparing this review. It also took quite a bit to snap a pic immediately after we snapped the first.

5MP camera

The 5MP cam, since we mentioned it, was actually a good asset. The photos it delivered in tests had an even exposure and detail levels were decent. Both shades and lights were dealt with attention. Colors especially were really good. Video quality was equally nice. Battery life was one day.Optimus-L7

Quality of calls we made was pretty fine. Talking to other people on this device was done without hearing issues. No dropped calls happened. The quality of audio was decent, too. The same absence of hearing issues made it a pleasure to use the Optimus L7. And listening to music was also a pleasure. Internal storage is 4GB. You can extend that via a microSD card slot.

Review conclusion

The Optimus L7 manufactured by LG is an overall nice smartphone. But should you crave a model with a sky high sort of performance, gave other brands a try.