LG Optimus Elite


A cheap phone with good performance

The LG Optimus S which was released one year ago left many with their mouths hanging open. Because of the fact that, even if it was a cheap handset, it delivered an excellent performance. Something that the market had never experienced before. Wanting to prove the consumer world that they are capable of even greater things, the South Korean manufacturer recently came up with a new smartphone: the Optimus Elite. Find out from our review below if the device is as good as its creators say it is.

Comfortable materials

The design of the LG Optimus Elite is certainly as great as the one featured on the Optimus S. The body of the phone is very thin. The materials it is made of are some of the best. Add to that the comfort felt when the device is held in your hands and you can say LG have done it again. The quality of the build is spectacular, as well. The texture on the rear is textured. So there won’t be occasions to have the smartphone slip from your hand that easily. But even if it does, that solid build will protect it from breaking.

The keys that are embedded on each side of the Optimus Elite are extremely easy to press. And they give quick replies when touched.LG-Optimus-Elite

Android 2.3.7 OS

The display is now a more generous 3.5″ one. The resolution, on the other hand, is the same: 320 x 480 pixels. It can be frustrating at times. But the cheap price of the device is reason enough to not expect the kind of awesome touchscreen sported by more expensive smartphones, with better specifications. The pro in this case is that the bigger dimension of the display allowed us to work with the device in an easier way in our tests. The phone doesn’t feature an ambient light sensor. Therefore you aren’t given the possibility to auto-adjust brightness. On the good side, the phone’s display is very easy to read when the sun shines bright.

An Android 2.3.7 is the product’s operating system. As far as we know, LG does not plan on upgrading it to the Ice Cream Sandwich version. And yet, we had no serious gripes with this OS. The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 which is clocked at 800 MHz. We would have liked to see a better version. But, once again, this is a budget-friendly smartphone in the first place. And actually we were not hugely disappointed with its performance. The latter was very much enjoyable. At least we experienced no lags or freezes when executing various tasks. There are 512MB of RAM and internal memory is 4GB. Out of this amount, the user can employ 1GB.

Impressive sound quality

The phone is a 3G one. As such, it runs on a network called Sprint EVDO Rev. A. There is support for Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, SPP, 2DP, OBEX and other such profiles.
For your browsing pleasure, the Optimus Elite was stocked with a browser that does not fail in its purpose. Performance was more than satisfactory. Pages loaded very well, without hiccups.lg-optimus-elite-virgin-mobile

In the picture and video department, this phone’s camera delivers decent results. But that is about all we can say.

Audio quality was overall superb when we’ve tested the device. Clarity and volume were both great. We heard callers loud and clear and they told us they also heard us very well.

Test conclusion

The LG Optimus Elite will be a very worthy addition to your smartphones. It may be cheap, but it works great.