LG Nitro HD


A good gift for Christmas

Enough already with the iPhones and the Samsung phones and the HTCs. We think it’s high time to give LG some love, too. More so now that they’ve launched a new smartphone for the AT&T carrier – a first for the company -, baptized Nitro HD. And that’s saying something, since 2011 was a relatively poor year in LG smartphone releases. The list of specs we consulted before beginning our usual tests showed things that made this smartphone quite worthy of a comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket. Think we’re blabbing too much? Then let’s get the show started.

Powered by Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread

Right from the beginning we’ll say that the LG Nitro HD isn’t some new and impressive-looking smartphone that will take your breath away. You’re greeted by a large round black slab featuring a dark-gray rim around the front. The plastic battery cover on the back is also black and doesn’t permit fingerprints or smudges. The lightness of this device makes it super easy to hold and use.

The LG Nitro HD runs on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread which in the not so distant future will update to the more satisfactory Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The UI is what we’d expected: a straightforward and simple one to delight even those of you who have never ever used a smartphone before. Internet browsing, text writing and other activities were done in our tests on the product’s more than generous 4.5″ display and its very responsive features. Beside its 1.280 x 720 pixels, support for 16M colors and 329 pixels per inch of density, the Nitro HD has a luminance of 500 nits, which is proven by the breathtaking quality of onscreen images that look very bright, comprise a lot of details and are overall the very definition of smoothness. And we could even look at the display under the direct rays of the sun and still understand what was happening there.LG-Nitro-HD

Two cameras included

We had two keyboard possibilities: one was the device’s own keyboard and the other was an Android one. There’s no virtual option. These two come with haptic feedback and we have to say that they offer a lot of responsiveness.

There are 2 cameras on this smartphone: one that measures 1.3MP and is best used for video chats and one that has 8-megapixels and is suited for taking photos and recording various content. While the former wowed us with beautiful pictures and videos, looking at the results on our computer’s screen or our TV’s display resulted in some grunting from our part, since they appeared washed-out; so it’s best to look at them on the smartphone’s screen. The 1.3-megapixel camera was poor.

Wi-Fi access

Proceeding with our review even further, the LG Nitro HD includes the following features: Wi-Fi, a wealth of inboxes, photo ID, the possibility to open different services owned by Google, DLNA, Bluetooth, AT&T’s own applications and so on. Among other apps are Amazon Kindle and links to HD video games, just to name these two. Apart from features and applications, the smartphone packs in its menu for Settings something known under the name of Gestures; they are capable of, for example, shutting up your clock alarm, terminate an incoming call from someone and many other interesting options.

Medium download speed

16GB are offered by a microSD card slot and they can be doubled easily. Internal memory contains 4GB. Downloading data worked OK, with values of 1 to 2Mbps; on the other side, upload speeds were around 0.59-1Mbps. Note to our readers: the smartphone barely made it to a whole day of usage.

Accepting a call and making one were so-so. While voices were clear and loud enough with no echoes to speak of, we heard some white noise now and then. Speakerphone quality was good.

Review conclusion

Our opinion is that the LG Nitro HD should be under every Christmas tree this year. In the end of this review we can conclude that this model is a good smartphone, even if the battery life in not its strongest point.

Technical specifications

Operating System Android OS: 2.3.x Gingerbread
CPU : Scorpion
Core : 2
CPU Clock Speed : 1500 Mhz
Internal Storage : 4 GB
RAM : 1024 MB
Display Type : LCD
Display Size : 4.5 Inch
Screen Resolution : 720×1280
Announced Date : May 31, 2011
Release Date : December 04, 2011
Carrier : AT&T
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Talk Time : NA
Stand By Time : NA
Battery Capacity : 1830 mAh