LG HR500


Media player, Blu-ray and HD tuner at the same time ?

LG HR500 is a reference product for HD players on the market. It is able to read everything and in the package you’ll find a Blu-ray player and an HD dual tuner.

LG offers a multimedia device of a very high level called HR500. This gadget is able to play any media files in SD or HD, from an internal HDD or external USB or directly from a network. This product has a Blu-ray and an HD dual tuner included in the same case. This one is a model that’s ultra complete and very promising.

The LG MS450H was already a high end and efficient multimedia and scalable player. The South Korean manufacturer launched this time an even more promising product called HR500.

LG HR500, master of HD ?

lg-HR500-blurayThe HR 500 is a successor of the MS450H and it is a product full of technology and new features. This improved version promises very good compatibility with all types of multimedia files. If you appreciate support of HD video (MKV, DivX HD, AVC HD, etc.), compatibility with audio fidelity (eg flac) should also be emphasized.
A lot of connections (similar to the MS450H) are also included in its features. In addition to one HDMI 1.3 port, there are digital and analog audio outputs. However, this Blu-ray player provides a coaxial digital audio output. It is a shame for such a high end product that offers Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD and DTS HD MA to not include an optical audio output. Very strange move from this company.

A powerful Blu-ray player

Similar to the MS450H model, the new HR500 integrates a 250 GB hard drive. In contrast, the 3.5-inch active on the other model is here occupied by a Blu-ray module. A real asset that makes this gadget just perfect (at least on paper).

We feel compelled to add that this player reads files stored on an internal or external hard disk on a USB key (USB ports on the front and back) via the network through its Ethernet port and DLNA and UPnP compatibility. It reads also your favorite movies from DVD and Blu-ray discs. In the latter case, the player is compatible with BD Live discs, which offer access to downloadable bonuses.

Impressive video module

This player also incorporates the dual tuner present on the MS450H model. Really powerful, now it is possible to record a program and watch another at the same time. Better yet, it is possible to simultaneously record two different programs. With dual-tuner MPEG-4 included, it is possible to watch digital TV channels in HD standard.

Good online support

In addition to providing network access to reading files remotely, files stored on a home PC or a server, the HR500 provides direct access to online services like YouTube and Picasa. A very simple way to find great videos and pictures to watch on TV.

With so many potential uses, the LG HR500 is available at a price of 499 euros with a USB Wi-Fi 802.11n. A price that’s actually quite reasonable for these features – and an inspired performance – and for one of the best products of the moment.


In March 2010, the LG manufacturer presented us two high-end multimedia players, the MS450H and the HR500. We tested and approved them. The MS450H that is one of the best products from the high end multimedia class. We also wanted to know more about the HR500 brother which uses the same base and comes with a bonus Blu-ray included.


Similar with the MS450H model, the HR500 is a standalone player with very good looks. Even if in the first stages it is difficult to distinguish the switch from the front panel ! The MS450H provides a location for a hard drive, while the HR500 has a Blu-ray located in the same spot. In contrast, the 250 GB hard drive is unique to both models, like the dual tuner HD that is similar for both models.

Review conclusions

The LG HR500 is a high end HD versatile player, covering all the equipment necessary to enjoy all its files, but also its Blu-ray and DVD at the same time. However, if we had been seduced by the MS450H, its image are less glorious. The only weak points are the lack of digital audio output and the high price for this product.

Positive points (pros)

* The dual tuner HD, able to simultaneously record multiple channels;
* The Blu-ray technology included;
* The support for HD files;

* The hard drive with 250 GB space;

Negative points (cons)

* No optical digital audio output, which is so very strange for a high end product;

Technical specifications

Read speed slowed max.: 16 x;
Blu-ray: Yes;
Playing HD DVD: Not;

Ethernet Port: Yes;

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