LG Flatron IPS236V


A display powered by IPS technology from LG

This LED backlight powered computer monitor uses the IPS technology for its panel. The result is a good quality 23 inch monitor available in stores at a very good price.

The expectations before the test

LG-Flatron-IPS236VDefinitely, 2011 is the year of LED technology and 3D features. Almost all the new launched TVs and computer monitors are now powered by LEDs. The producers and users agree that is a eco friendly technology and the image quality is better in almost all cases. The advantaged of LEDs are big and this is the reason because they are used by almost all panels producers: the displays are thinner, lighter and eco friendly, because the energy consumption is lower, compared with the LCD backlight technology. In almost all cases the contrast ratio is better, the blacks are deeper and homogeneous.

For the Flatron IPS236V LG was decided to use a even better technology called IPS technology (In Plane Switching). The result is a 23 inch monitor a with a low cost and better characteristics, compared with the old Twisted Nematic technology. Is this monitor a good choice ? Let’s see the test and the review ! 🙂

The reality

Flatron IPS236V is a monitor with all the characteristics of LG LCD monitors. Compared with other models tested until now, this model is better at a lot of chapters. The contrast ratio measured in the default settings is about 1030:1, a good value but not impressive. This is the only weak point of this impressive IPS panel. All the other characteristics are very good.

In our tests we don’t changed the default settings but even in this situation, the our optical probe measured was found very good values. The fist point is about the colors which are very faithful. The accuracy of the colors is visible especially on the skin tones, which are very natural.
Becuse this monitor uses the IPS technology, the viewing angles are very good compared with monitors powered by TN technology. Our tests revealed good values for these angles: about of 84 ° horizontally and 67 ° vertically. Between these values, the image is still very good, without any alteration. The response time is not very good, with about 18 ms measured value. However, we’ve tested the display in different conditions and we didn’t seen any disturbing ghosting effect. If you are not very obsessed by speed, you can use the Flatron IPS236V monitor for games, without any problem.

The foot is not ergonomic

Apparently, for the quality provided, this price is low. However, is impossible to offer everything in this amount and LG was sacrifice the ergonomics of the screen to keep the price at this level. The foot base is made from low quality plastic. The foot is not very strong and seems to be a little bit fragile. Another negative point is the impossibility to adjust the display height. The entire panel is almost fixed. You cannot rotate the screen from the left to right. Just vertically, you can change a little bit the viewing angle but this monitor has almost no ergonomics idea.

Not eco friendly

The price of Flatron IPS236V is low but the monitor is not so eco friendly. Compared with other LED-backlit monitors, for example, this is consuming more. The IPS technology used for this LG model seems to consume more that the classic TN panels. We’ve measured in our tests a medium consumption of 32,9 W. In the same time, a Twisted Nematic LED panel, with the same characteristics no exceeds 27-28 W.

The test results and review conclusions

After our test we have for you a conclusion of this review: the Flatron IPS236V produced by LG is a pleasant surprise. In its low price, you will receive an IPS panel (normally used for high-end / professional panels monitors at a high price) able to offer good quality of the image. Even the price is almost similar with the classic LED monitors, this model offer better performance and image quality. One of the most important surprises of the year.

Technical specifications

Display Format16:9
Display Size23 inches
Pitch in mm0.265
Vertical Resolution0:00
Horizontal resolution1920
Integrated webcamNo
Integrated MicroNo
Screen TypeLCD
Height in cm42.2
Width in cm54.9
Depth in cm23
Weight in kg0
Scanning Frequency Vertical Hz75
Horizontal Scanning Frequency in KHz83
Brightness250 cd / m2
Brightness in Candela178
Contrast Ratio (X: 1)5000000
Normal consumption in Watts0
Response Time in ms5
Adjustable BracketYes
Power Consumption Standby in Watts0
LED technologyEdge LED

  1. JayJay at 6:00 pm

    Is this a good screen for gaming? , planning to buy one!

  2. jcmello at 9:49 pm

    I think this monitor is best suited to the movies enthusiasts, but I haven’t seen one. Just planning to buy , fast as I can. I’m a photographer, the speed response (18 ms measured) doesn’t worries me. But the colours and the viewing angle does.
    Thanks for the review, keep the good work!