LG Enlighten


A first phone for Verizon Wireless

Americans who use LG smartphones with Android have a reason to love the company even more, following its decision to release its first device for the Verizon Wireless carrier after the Ally, G2X and Marquee creations wowed the market. This model is called Enlighten and it’s attracting a lot of attention due to the great price (or the fact that you can get it for free if you sign a contract on 2 years), the keyboard that’s physical, the operating system, the capability of working as a 3G mobile hotspot and several other attractive features. The only upsetting things are the slow speed and weight. Further information you’ll find in our review.

Heavier than other phones

Considered the rightful successor to the Ally, the Enlighten prefers to look like the Optimus line of smartphones rather than it’s sibling line. The body in the shape of a rectangular has sides that are curved and the edges are rounded for improved gripping. The 5.54 ounces of weight make the Enlighten heavier than the Ally, and yet the finish on the rear, a soft touch one, makes the smartphone a real pleasure to hold.LG-Enlighten

It’s nice to see that LG opted for a display with 3.2″ and HVGA style. The 480 x 800 res is sacrificed in favor of a lesser 320 x 480 that still manages to perform well, considering that this is a device that’s qualifying for the entry-level category.

Virtual keyboard

We were, during our usual set of tests, very happy with the results we saw when we looked at the screen in bright sunlight, especially the quality of the text that was very readable. Also, it responded to our every command due to its capacitive nature and it allowed for haptic feedback, boasted a proximity sensor and an accelerometer. The Enlighten is LG’s first smartphone to have its own UI, but that’s not a bad thing at all if you think that. Writing a text message to a friend is the usual easy operation we grew accustomed to on LG smartphone, thanks to the excellent Android virtual keyboard and, if you don’t want to use it, the terrific QWERTY one; and we discovered that, when we grew tired or bored of using the touchscreen, we reverted to the device’s controls that offered physical navigation.

Android 2.3.4 OS

The LG Enlighten might be an entry-level device, but it still packs an Android 2.3.4 operating system offering access to a user interface that looks improved. The browser for Internet usage has Adobe Flash Player 10 installed and further connectivity to the World Wide Web includes Wi-Fi and 3G (with mobile hotspot capabilities for five products using Wi-Fi). Compatibility with services offered by Google is available on this LG smartphone, too; since we aren’t fans of Gmail, we were glad to see that the Enlighten allowed us to use our e-mail info and enter in our personal IMAP or POP3 server address.

The quality of the photos we were able to take with the phone’s 3.2MP camera was, on the whole, good. We didn’t see misplaced colors or details and sharpness was as it should be.

800Mhz processor

The 800Mhz CPU powering the LG Enlighten was, after we concluded our tests for the review, a definite improvement over the 600Mhz processor. The lag some applications put us through was disconcerting, but it didn’t annoy us so much as to kick this smartphone aside and never use it again. Pages on the net loaded in 30 seconds and the integrated battery with a life that made the boat flow for a whole day. Speaking to our friends over the phone went very well, because we could hear their voices as if they were in the same room with us and they heard us in the same way.

Review conclusion

Looking for an entry-level smartphone for Christmas? The LG Enlighten is the best option we can think of.

Technical specifications for LG Enlighten

Operating system* Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Display characteristics* 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2-inch touch screen
Processor* 800 MHz CPU
Keyboard* Full QWERTY keyboard
Other software* Adobe® Flash® 10
Network* 3G Mobile Hotspot allows users to share a data connection with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices
Didital camera* 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera and camcorder