LG Connect 4G


A dual core smartphone

MetroPCS chose this year’s CES that ended last January as the place to present those interested in smartphones 2 models. One of them was made by LG and received the name of Connect 4G; the other one belonged to Samsung and was called Galaxy Attain 4G. In this review we’ll take a look at the phone created by LG. This model is MetroPCS’ first set featuring dual-core. And the most noteworthy one in its lineup. Not only because it is the first dual-core, also thanks to its display. This is a no-contract pre-paid option for all those interested in something like this. Let’s see what tests showed us.

4 inch LCD Nova capacitive screen

Not too many handsets can look slim and feel solid. The LG Connect 4G is an exception. And that is something to look forward to. Its measurements are very good: 4.59″ x 2.45″ x 0.46″. The 4.8 ounces are the equivalent of a very light smartphone. There’s no great bulk once you hold this phone. And it’s a great one if your hands are small. It is such a very comfortable phone. We had absolutely no problem with putting it quickly into a bag. And we really only needed one hand while sending text messages.LG-Connect-4G

Such a slim and light smartphone had to have a screen to boot. The LG Connect 4G introduces a 4″ LCD Nova capacitive display. The resolution of this touchscreen is 480 x 840 pixels; pixel density is 242 ppi. The brightness of the display is simply out of this universe. We fell with it the most out of what the phone had to offer. The Connect 4G didn’t misbehave when we used it inside; nor did it misbehave when we used it outside. Unlike so many others. Great brightness wasn’t, in tests, the only pro of the screen. Little did it take for us to experience colors that were amazingly vibrant. Playing rough with the display is no problem, as it is made of the revolutionary Corning Gorilla Glass technology. A con we discovered was that some games had pixelated images.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS

The operating system is Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread. Yup, not the Ice Cream Sandwich version. It has everything Google is famous for. Unfortunately, a second con we saw was that there were apps from MetroPCS which couldn’t be uninstalled. Features were varied and very useful. The CPU is a 1.2 GHz dual-core. This processor is in our top of favorite specs sported by the latest LG smartphone. Lagging was not present. Gesture support was one of our best experiences with a handset. To, for instance, rearrange some of the phone’s icons, we tilted the device left then right.

We didn’t appreciate the amount of pre-installed bloatware. What’s the point of stuff that can’t be removed or doesn’t have a purpose?

Our review also include checking on a gadget’s battery life. The Connect 4G had one which lasted 6 hours and a half.

5MP camera

Making calls happened smoothly. We heard voices a tiny bit muffled, but only a tiny bit. Our friends heard our own voice really well. The speakerphone was king in the way it performed.

Another issue is that MetroPCS doesn’t come with an LTE coverage in all of the US, just in 14 cities. Tough luck all of you who don’t live in one of those cities. For the others who do: 4G speeds aren’t excellent, they’re good.

Pics snapped with the phone’s 5MP camera on the back looked clear both when snapped outdoors and indoors. Some improvement should be made, but it’s not so urgent. What we snapped with the cam on the front was definitely worse.

Review conclusion

The LG Connect 4G is a MetroPCS offering that won’t be a source of severe disappointment.

  1. Specta at 12:59 pm

    The display is impressive and the quality of its design is breathtaking. I will buy it for my mom if will be available at a smaller price.