LG BP620


A 3D blu-ray player

LG has thrown itself into the market of Blu-ray players with the BP620, its latest creation. This gadget is the company’s flagship in terms of novelties this year. Even so, it only costs $130. So you will hardly believe it’s a flagship product. And its features are mostly simple, so again you won’t believe what sort of device it is. But its improvements when thinking of past models will bring you back to earth and realize that this is still a recent creation of LG’s. So let’s give it up to it in this review.

Simple design

You will be amazed at how plain and boring the LG BP620 looks. Some might shy away from this Blu-ray player and run straight into the arms of another model. Those who will give it the benefit of a doubt will stick around and see that beauty is only skin deep. And simplicity sometimes means plenty of pros. Like no flip-down front panel. The keys on the front panel are not touch-sensitive, but physical. The only con we’d rather not have seen: a tacky Blu-ray 3D logo. But our two cents about the device’s design: don’t let its modest elements fool you into not looking beyond the exterior.

The remote control that comes with the territory didn’t get a make-over. Which isn’t a bad thing. Better to stick with what gave great results than come with something which will annoy people. At least this way you know you won’t have problems with the buttons. You get all this space between its sections. The white on the playback keys are perfect if you want to see them in a place with dim lights.LG-BP620

Smart TV interface

While the looks and remote are safe, the home screen is really confusing. Using it in our tests wasn’t all that horrible, because it was simple, but the LG Apps icon had so many applications which were honestly uncalled for. What does LG expect us to do with all of them? Getting to a specific program will require time and patience. Mostly patience. The way the Premium section is presented is a visual feast. We enjoyed navigating it. The most out of any other interface. The Smart TV interface used by the BP620 is so incredibly good that you’ll start to miss it once you go back to other version on other Blu-ray players.

All of the basic features that should be on such a gadget are also on this one. You will find a full suite made of streaming-media services, Wi-Fi, support for 3D Blu-ray and so on. Out of those streaming-media services, Amazon is not an option on the BP620. The model released last year had it, so why doesn’t this one feature it?

Impressive image provided

On the rear of the reviewed device can be seen outputs such as an Ethernet jack, an HDMI output and an optical output. An USB port is also ready to play back digital files. Playing ripped DVDs won’t do. Maybe you’ll miss the product’s inability to feature 2D-to-3D conversion and onboard memory, but we personally did not see them as big omissions.BP620-player

Image quality for DVD and Blu-ray performance was superb. Quality of streaming via Netflix was very good. Time for loading movies was average. But still faster than Sony’s PlayStation 3 when there were movies sporting complex menus. Great speed when skipping chapters is another pro of this LG Blu-ray player.

Review conclusion

The LG BP620 is, in the end of our test, an average Blu-ray player. But it is saved by an excellent surface and 3D compatibility.