LG BP420


A 3D blu-ray player

The LG BP420 distinguishes itself as the sort of Blu-ray which that is very appealing to consumers thanks to the great ease with which you can employ it. Also, performance is very worth your time spent with this product. This is what we were shown during the tests we did on the latest LG device. We invite you to read more about this in our following review.

Slim design

The LG BP420 is this manufacturer’s newest Blu-ray player. It has a good price that will surely attract the attention of consumers who are on a tight budget. Its exact price is £110 and you can find this model in all the important shops, be they on the Internet or not.

On the exterior, the device carries the elements that are typical of a cheap product. Which means that you will not have a “wow” expression upon first seeing it. However, the BP420 is not at all a hideous Blu-ray player. Its slim line looks are very nice to look at. As is the glossy black finish that makes the front of the product. As for weight, don’t panic: this is a light gadget. Build quality is definitely good.LG-BP420

Easy to use interface

The device’s tray mechanism did not pose any problem when working with it in tests. The connectivity part is covered by few options, such as one USB port, one pair of phono connectors for analogue audio, composite video output and one optical digital audio connector. There is absolutely no integrated memory on this model. To make up for this flaw, the BP420 comes with the possibility to accept a memory key. To be able to make use of media streaming and Smart TV, you can use the device’s Ethernet port.

After we set up the Blu-ray player fully, something that was very easy to do, we were welcomed by an excellent user interface. It really impressed us not only with its ease of use, but also with its slickness. The icons that sit in the middle are all large. Which helps a lot in everyday use. The central navigation bar features 3 icons. They offer access to the device’s functions such as photo, movie and music. The moment we selected one of these functions, we were taken to a sub menu. There, every media source was listed.

Good performance

The kind of Smart TV platform employed by the LG BP420 did not sport a Plex client. In practice, it meant that plot summaries and poster art were not shown on the screen. Everything was fine when we had to do with normal DLNA servers. Images that are supported are PNG, JPEG as well as GIF with 4,000 x 3,000 pixels. Playback of streaming data was very good. Video files that are in high definition are also rendered very well. This is among the device’s pros.

Smart TV applications are in grand number on this device. Some examples: Facebook, Picasa, BBC iPlayer and many more. Even if there are many apps, there is a con. Some of them won’t be shown as they should, because the player will feel too slow. But pictures look good. Skin tones look natural, colors are all warm and textures are subtle. Depth on 3D discs was more than good. Blurring is going to happen, but not all the time.

Review conclusion

All in all, the LG BP420 is a Blu-ray player one can always use. Performance is good for the price, the device wakes up in 7 seconds from standby mode and Smart TV apps are in a large number.