LG are really good at delivering goods which perform very well, even if their prices are affordable. For this month they prepared the BH7520TW. We wouldn’t exaggerate if we said that this is a very good effort from their part. So here you have a review detailing everything we experienced while testing this home-system for ourselves.

A new 5.1 surround system

The specs that LG included when they made the BH7520TW look as follows: 5.1 surround sound, 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz FM tuner range, BD ROM Profile 5.0, 180W x 2 power output, 200W (Passive) power output and several more. This unit gets major points thanks to the fact that it offers support for MP3, MP4, MKV, JPG and many other compressed media files.

This baby uses one of the company’s standard remote controls. It was a piece of cake to employ it in tests. But before using it, we had to set this system up. Which proved to be a very easy task, as well.

All the options for connecting the BH7520TW to various other gadgets are on its back. You get the following options: 1 HMID port, 1 Ethernet LAN, speaker cable terminals for center/subwoofer,/front left/right speakers, 1 composite video ouput and 1 analog stereo and optical digital audio input. What lacks from this list are Wi-Fi options. However, we found we could connect the speakers on the back in a wireless fashion.LG-BH7520TW

3D technology included

Speaking of speakers and such, we noticed that they, along with the unit’s subwoofer, delivered a decent performance. From what our ears could make out, sound was good. However, don’t turn the volume at very high levels. You will quickly hear distortions. When we were listening to music that was lush with different sound effects, we noticed that it sounded really good. If there were lines with dialogue in them, quality remained good. Treble put on a good show. As for stereo quality, it lacked power. But we really loved how good of a performance the surround sound delivered. Whatever audio codec you throw at LG’s new BH7520TW, the latter is going to work with it right away.

We have played around with many platforms using applications and videos on demand. So far out of them we would choose this device to put on a desk and show it to the world so as to be bought. Movies in different genres are going to sound really well. Mucking never happened as far as we could hear in this reveiew. This product has the great pro of quickly and smoothly pick up on surround sound audio without an input from the listener. There is also support for 3D listening and the quality is also good in that case.

As with all home systems that respect themselves and the consumers, this one sports a Blu-ray player. On its rear we found 1 USB port and 1 3.5 mm input. They are very good additions if you plan on using them for adding a flash drive and a portable hard drive. Moreover, this Blu-ray player comes in a very nice-looking body. An amplifier is also boasted on this model.

Review conclusion

LG succeeded, once again, to provide a good tool for our home needs. Their BH7520TW is capable of doing three different things with the same quality of performance. You ill not have to go to the cinema to watch the latest movies when you can buy such a product. Don’t expect perfection, though, but don’t worry: this device will not disappoint you.