LG BD690


A new powerful 3D blu-ray player

LG BD690 is the first Blu-ray player that helps users rip music CDs directly to its built-in 250GB hard drive. Only that and it should assure great sales for the device. But its advantages don’t end here: the product has added bonuses, such as streaming-media services, user interface for the streaming-media service content portal, integrated Wi-Fi and many other goodies. Surely something which sounds cool has to have some cons, and the BD690 confirms the rule; first of all the price is quite high and speed is really slow. But we won’t give you too much detail just yet. Our review will tell you more.

Classic external design

In way of exterior looks, the BD690 is thick, much like older gadgets. It’s not that tall with its 2.3″, but it will appear so when placed near Panasonic’s Bly-ray players. The sleekness of the front panel is quite appealing; there are no keys whatsoever there, because they sit behind the device’s flip-down door which doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have access to them that easily. On the front is also placed a USB port. One of the things we saw in the box this product shipped with was a remote control with a decent layout; sadly there are no dedicated buttons for the CD-ripping option and there’s no Smart TV key to help us jump directly to the streaming services. The team at LG should have instead made an optimized remote for this Blu-ray instead of this one which copies the ones on previous products. When we didn’t want to use this remote during our test, we opted for LG’S Remote app for smartphone.LG-BD690

CD-ripping feature

The home screen looked simple enough to use; but we had problems with the LG Apps and Premium icons, which instead of being straightforward, succeeded in confusing us a lot. We recommend the latter of the two, because the former doesn’t hold many applications of actual interest. Interestingly enough, the interface of the streaming-content portal is sublime, with big icons which enabled us to get to whatever streaming service we wanted to access in no time at all.
The CD-ripping feature of the BD690 is certainly unique. The hard drive is 250GB, which translates into over 400 CDs in lossless format. The whole process of ripping gave a good performance, with the best part of this device being the Gracenote option; this one automatically identified CDs, after which it downloaded the correct information about the song, cover art, album and artist in question.

Weak 2D-to-3D conversion

And now comes the frustrating part, because the LG BD690 features no menu option for ripping; for that we had to learn how to press the info/display key on the remote which opened the CD Archiving option. And there were several other steps we had to repeat every time we wanted to rip a CD. Also you’ll find no bulk ripping mode to allow for continually inserting discs.
Getting to the part of features, the product we’re reviewing today is preinstalled with 3D Blu-ray support, Wi-Fi and others, but it lacks 2D-to-3D conversion. The product offers compatibility with DLNA and its Smart TV streaming-media services is amazing; it is made of Hulu Plus, YouTube, Amazon Instant and many others.

Just one HDMI connector

The Amazon Instant one has the largest selection of TV shows for pay-per-view watching. Speed wasn’t incredibly fast or slow, it was just ok. Image quality was overall good.
For the connectivity part, the LG BD690 sports 1 USB port, stereo analog outputs, single HDMI output, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs and component video output.

Review conclusion

All things considered after the test performed for this review, the LG BD690 is a nice 3D Blu-ray player, but still quite expensive and difficult to use.

Technical specifications

General specifications
* Form Factor Tabletop blu-ray
* Product Type Blu-ray player
Network & Internet Multimedia
* Internet Streaming Services Smart TV
* Network Connection Built-in Wi-Fi ,
* Home Network Media Sharing DLNA
* Upscaling ( Up to 1080p )
* Supported Digital Audio Standards LPCM
* BD profiles Profile 2.0 (BD-Live)