LG BD670


A blu-ray player for consumers

For a long time now, manufacturers have been rummaging through their brains trying to find new ways of improving their Blu-ray players. Some have succeeded, some have not. The latter got more ambitious, until they finally saw their wishes fulfilled. And then there was LG. This South Korean company responsible for many excellent gadgets took a different approach. In the shape of the LG BD670. Which is a very simple Blu-ray player. It doesn’t have many features, but it does have what consumers most want from such a product. We’ll tell you what it’s all about in this review.

Glossy design

Instead of swimming in too many unnecessary visual shockers, the majority of which tend to be in poor taste, LG opted for simplicity when it created the BD670. So in the end the device turned out to be a thin one with a glossy finish. The latter made us, of course, look elsewhere for a few seconds. When we looked back, we went on with our usual analysis.

The Blu-ray player reviewed here comes with a disc tray slot. Countless other devices of this type have a slot-loading one. Physical buttons were preferred instead of ones sensitive to the user’s touch. The remote fulfills its purpose very well. But it does have some cons. The one to jump at us first was the impossibility to launch the company’s streaming media content portal. Simply because the remote had no special key for that. The pro point which made us like the remote control again was the user interface. This one lend a very helpful hand when we wanted to open streaming services.LG-BD670

3D technology

Should you happen to own a smartphone, you can use the latter to control the LG BD670. There’s an app – Remote – which enables that. However, writing text in the interfaces of Pandora and Netflix is not possible. And folks, the device’s UI is truly so easy to use. It beat the one on Samsung Blu-ray players by a huge margin.

Despite featuring support for 3D Blu-ray, integrated Wi-Fi and other premium offerings, the product we tested had no onboard memory. Neither did it have 2D-to-3D conversion. Fortunately the gadget is made to support DLNA use. With formats such as XviD, JPEG, MKV, DivX and MP3.

The device’s Smart TV has many very cool streaming-media services. They range from YouTube and Netflix to vTuner, Amazon Instant Streaming and many more extra options. The Amazon Instant Streaming example is the most fascinating: it sports a more than large selection of pay-per-view TV shows.

Limited video output resolution

Connectivity options are what the majority of Blu-ray players pack. But this one’s component video output has a con. It is limited to a resolution of only 480i.

Image quality was inconsistent, but still good. Tearing artifacts are no novelty for the Blu-ray, but they were mostly happening in the background. Full chroma resolution tests weren’t passed with flying color. Netflix streaming videos looked good as well. Watching DVDs proved to be a very rewarding experience. Out of our analysis, the LG BD670 failed only one of them. As long as you won’t watch only DVDs for many hours on end, that little con won’t be observed too much.

Review conclusion

As things stand, the LG BD670 is a good catch. It has one of the best streaming-media suites and integrated Wi-Fi. Its price: $113.13 on Amazon.