LG 55LM660T


A 55 inch 3D TV

For 2012, LG announced a new range of TVs. The company has always been highly ambitious and competitive, so when the news broke out, consumers were left wondering if the new devices will be awesome or not. Over much consideration from our part – based on tests alone -, we reached the conclusion that the LG 55LM660T is a good performer in both 2D and 3D. It’s an expensive set, but it really should be bought by every consumer who wants products capable of delivering good quality. Here’s the review we wrote for this TV.

No bezel present

Competition is fierce among manufacturers of TVs. And not only this kind of products, obviously. So when a company decides to go against tide, we welcome that. Because it means that often superficially popular devices are thrown to the side by niche creations with enough braveness to overrule so-called better ones. LG is such a manufacturer. Their 55LM660T will be considered an underdog, but it is an underdog that is bound to succeed in the race for people’s hearts. Even if Samsung is closely watching from the shadows.LG-55LM660T

DLNA streaming

This new TV is certainly made to accomplish big things. It starts by being ever the impressive one in the looks department. Its design sticks with you, because it’s very pretty. The major force driving it in this area is its lack of a bezel. Well, there is one, but it’s as if it weren’t. You will only look at a device with a screen of 55″. That is why during tests performed by the review team we could actually focus on what was happening on the display. Only when you’re not watching anything does that bezel become visible. The 55LM660T is better on this chapter than Samsung is with some of its more popular TVs. And that’s quite funny.

But moving on, this set is really well endowed in ports and other connections. One LAN port, 4 HDMI ports, Wi-Fi, D-Sub PC input and 3 USB ports as a bonus. Network options on this set can employed network your Mac or computer to the TV. It will then offer streaming through DLNA protocols. Smart TV is used by the 55LM660T as well.

4 pair of 3D glasses

Accessories are among the best on any other TV set. 3D glasses is not only a pair; there are 4 pairs. Two remote controls come in the box. Among the latter, the most fun to use is the one called Magic remote. It is a sort of more advanced pointer. Navigation cursors will be controlled easier with this accessory. The responses we got while using it were far more accurate than with the past models. Not to mention the comfortable feeling we got from using it.55LM660T

This TV’s Smart Hub screen is looks classier. It’s not as confusing as in earlier versions whe it made everything look as if from another universe. The TV uses the standard passive 3D system used by LG on all of its sets. Brightness, sharpness and colors are better than ever before. But on the other hand, scenes with dark details look shadowy. Depth, however, is excellent. And there is no flickering at all. The performance of 2D on this device is the same as the 3D one. We were most impressed by colors and sharpness. Black levels were very deep. No backlight inconsistencies came to ruin the day.

Review conclusion

The LG 55LM660T is a very appealing TV both visually and how it performs. It has many features and boasts awesome innovations for its interface.