LG 50PM9700


We have tested countless plasma devices along the way. We have seen some very good ones and some really crappy ones. So we decided to try another one. This time we opted for LG’s $1,699.99 50PM9700. But we did not like it as much as we enjoyed its brethren. And the following review will explain the reasons behind this.

A 50-inch plasma HDTV

LG added the following specs on its newly released 50PM9700: a 50″ display, a 124.09 cd/m2 brightness, a black level of 0.13 cd/m2, a 600Hz Sub Field Driving mode and several others. As for features, we counted a 9.2″ remote control, an active 3D effect, motion blur reduction and so on. The TV does weigh a lot compared to other plasma TVs: almost 60 pounds. But it is rather slim with its 2.1″. Connections include one input for your computer, 2 USB ports, one RF connection, 4 HDMI ports, one 3.5 mm input for audio purposes, component and composite video inputs and many more options. With this set, though, you get no 3D glasses, even if it supports the 3D technology.

The design of this plasma TV is nice. It uses the same stylish black color.

The 50 inch display delivered great quality when we watched a movie in 3D when we turned the lights off. However, moving our eyes to a light source git us headaches because of the TV’s shutters. So remember to place this device somewhere where there is no light source.LG-50PM9700

The ease of use that the remote control brought with it was great. The keys provided immediate feedback. Not all of them have backlight, though.

Motion blur problems

LG’s 50PM9700 will produce motion blur in tests, even if there is a mode that supposedly takes care of the problem. A solution is to set the display to 60Hz. There was no problem with how the TV rendered colors, except with the greens and reds. Levels of dark were good. We could notice details in shadows well, although this model needs some work in order to be able to provide great details.

The way the 50PM9700 consumes energy is not that efficient. The amount of energy it eats up is 250W. And that happened when we watched content normally. So if you use this device for a longer amount of time, it will consume more energy. However, you can at any time set its energy saving mode to something called Medium. That way, the set is going to consume a total of 139W. And by the way: this will not affect content quality.
For everything that has to do with the Wold Wide Web, this product offers you access to all sorts of stuff. Including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and so on. Not to mention there is also an LG online store.

Review conclusion

The LG 50PM9700 is quite a good plasma TV set. But it somehow does not manage to be exceptional in the mass of other plasma TV sets reviewed and commercialized in this day and age. Among its most notable cons we will say that the poor colors and lack of proper details where shadows are concerned are the first two on our list. Followed by a lack of 3D glasses. With that in mind, we wouldn’t say that this is a bad choice as a first plasma TV if you have never used such a product before. But if you have, skip this model and go for another one.