LG 47LD950


There are a whole lot of products that will cause, or already have, plenty of raised eyebrows. That is because they are not quite sure what they want to deliver to consumers. So they include all sorts of features and so on to make up for a not so great performance. As is the case with the LG 47LD950 TV set. Which we reviewed to see if it’s worth the money and interest or not.

As it was, this LG 47LD950 impressed us by bringing forth some really good specifications. That we will add here: a 47″ display packed with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution, 500 cd/m2 of brightness, an enhanced 200 Hz refresh rate, 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio and a DVB-T (MPEG4) digital tuner. The dimensions of this TV are 790 mm x 1173 mm x 337 mm. The 47LD950 weighs 20.80 kg. In the box it comes with we discovered the following content: 4 pairs of passive glasses and a user’s manual. The features that we could test were these: a media player, Dolby Digital, Sleep Timer and so on.

No crosstalk noise

The LG 47LD950 does not share the same philosophy as other TVs in its are. That’s because the company decided to just make it more retro, meaning it has a passive/side character.

One VGA port, one component video, 1 DVI port, a digital audio output, one composite video and a headphone jack are the connectivity options LG inserted on its latest TV set.

Watching content that uses 3D technology is an enjoyable experience. Blu-ray movies in particular looked good and had no crosstalk noise to bother us during tests. That also happened when we played games. But the problem was: we had no possibility to watch 3D content in full high definition quality.LG-47LD950

When we switched to 2D, image quality was good. Minus a clouding when there were scenes with dark in them, we saw that this TV acted remarkably on the whole. It definitely did a great job in motion handling. And the colors provided were all natural-looking. The sound that was delivered by the speakers was, however, poor by comparison. Sure, it could have been worse, but still, this is a big company we are talking about.

Good images at HD resolution

Generally, though, performance was great in HD, when we reviewed the TV characteristics. We played a Blu-ray film and we loved how this TV handled it. Sharpness was superb, as was texture. The product’s 200Hz engine is an addition that makes performance all the worthwhile. The type of backlighting is a CCFL one. But the quality of standard definition content is not ideal. We spotted a lot of noises and also plenty of mushiness to distract us in the majority of the time spent watching something.

The 47LD950 can easily play It can play MP3 audio files, JPEG photos and also DivX HD videos once you connect a gadget using an USB storage.

There were a couple of cons. The absence of a LAN jack was among them. Because it translated into an impossibility to work with the company’s NetCast online service. An important feature that is missing from the list is a Freeview HD tuner. Many other TV sets have it.

Review conclusion

The LG 47LD950 doesn’t quite rise up to what was expected of it before its launch. So it’s not really such a good thing to own it if you are a picky consumer.