LG 32LK450


A 32 inch Full HD LCD TV

The popularity of the LG 32LK450 was evident right from the moment it escaped the hands of its manufacturer. It would have been awkward if it remained unknown, it’s an LG device for goodness’ sake. We can’t remember the exact number of this company’s failures, but they’re very few. This product costs under $400, so it’s their least expensive TV. We believe this has a lot to do with its successful entrance in people’s hearts. But other than the price, there’s not much else reason to buy it. Let’s see what went wrong with this set from this next review.

Classic design

The LG 32LK450 doesn’t have an eye for fashion. Its looks are bland and so not exciting to look at. Its body is glossy – fingerprints will savagely attack it – and black. There’s a sort of brown color on the device’s bottom. Its attempt is to make the TV look exciting; but all it does is to send a wrong message of bad taste. The stand this set leans on is square. We think a round one would have suited it better. It looks way too prominent. Turning away from this detail, we found that, despite its weakness, the stand swivels superbly.LG-32LK450

If you loved previous remote controls, you’ll also love this one. The buttons are big and easy to press. They help with navigation immensely. The 32LK450’s remote didn’t feel as if it would break down fast. We’ve had our fair share of that, so we’re glad we didn’t have to register another damaged one. The menu wasn’t responsive at all; it took us, in tests, a fair amount of button pressing to make it budge. Opening picture settings was the worst moment: the remote refused to do it.

Good connectivity options

For features LG pre-installed the TV with few. Immediately jumping in our eyes was the way this device could play back pics and music from USB drives attached to it. That won’t happen over a home network: the set has absolutely no Ethernet port. A surprise for us were the picture presets and the 1080p Full HD display. They were many and this should make other more expensive TVs blush. For example, Samsung’s devices don’t feature a color management system or a 10-point calibration. A second reason to still love LG’s 32LK450 is the very inspired number of connection options. What stands out the most out of these are the following specifications: a headphone jack and a second component-video slot.

Some image problems

All that’s about to come next is a reminder that this TV is not what all the commercials say about it. The first step was to do a calibration. After that we could see the kind of problems this set had. Uniformity was the same throughout our tests: consistent and good. Movie scenes were not at all discolored. Blacks were horrible; areas with a lot of dark in them looked washed out. We could barely make heads nor tails of what happened when there was a night scene. Because the 32LK450 screen is matte, reflection from bright lights won’t show on it. Colors have the best accuracy we’ve seen in a while. Any plasma TV would crave for such results.

Power consumption is the typical one for all reviewed LG TVs. Not too high, not too low. Somewhere in between.

Review conclusion

The LG 32LK450 would have made for a good alternative to expensive TVs. However, its drawbacks are enough to stop us from urging you to get it.

  1. Tom at 11:33 am

    Without a good calibration, the image provided by this TV is not very accurate. The colors are great just after a good calibration of the TV panel.