Lenovo IdeaPad A1


An entry level tablet PC

It will probably sound weird, but the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 came into being last year in September. And then it hit online and physical stores in December. This is an entry-level tablet which will cost you only $258. Inspired by what quality products Lenovo has been capable to create for a long time, we had a try with this gadget. We were actually very impressed with it in this test. More about our opinions in today’s review.

Attractive design

To be honest, we were kind of perplexed when the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 revealed itself to us. We couldn’t decide if it was a smaller tablet or a big smartphone. We are still not 100% convinced which side to pick. Anyway, this tablet is here to bridge the gap between the Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet and the IdeaPad K1.

On a more practical side, let’s first see what we are up against in terms of looks. For its price range, the IdeaPad A1 is refreshingly attractive. Naturally it is painted in the ever so elegant black color. The cover on the rear is easy to exchange and its plastic material doesn’t take away from its charm. But the glossy finish might, since, as we all know, that’s a synonym for fingerprint attack. Too bad Lenovo chose to not include a cloth for that kind of situation. Plastic makes any gadget shed weight. The IdeaPad A1 can be counted on when it’s time to take it in your hands. We put some pressure on its body and it came out of that looking its usual flawless self.Lenovo-IdeaPad-A1

Powered by Android OS

The pride and joy of all gadgets is their screen. Lenovo’s most recent tablet has a display that we used with 2 fingers. The display resolution specs won’t break any quality record, competitors are better at that. The IdeaPad A1 is bright and text can be easily read. The screen had the nasty habit of reflecting bright light. The annoyance continued when we took the tablet outside: we saw absolutely nothing of what was written on it in tests performed. Colors dropped their beauty the second we looked at the display from the top and the bottom.

Android is this device’s operating system. So it was only natural that the keyboard would be an Android one. We typed our review using it; after we finished, we were very thankful for the comfort it offered us. No matter if we used the portrait or the landscape mode, the sensation was the same.

Not impressive speed

Don’t have very high expectations from the device’s processor. We did and soon became disappointed. The amount of RAM and the GPU weren’t sufficient to prevent the IdeaPad A1 from getting slow at times. Waking the tablet up from slumber took 4 seconds. We didn’t manage to open applications quickly and scrolling was met with hiccups. Playing a movie in 720p HD or watching a trailer were two frustrating activities. Thankfully there was no noise while we played with the tablet.

Sound isn’t stereo. That realization kinda put us off. Sure enough, audio quality was well under the most basic expectation. Headphones somewhat helped the situation, but not by much.

There was no need to put something under our hands or over our knees. Heat wasn’t an issue for this gadget. If you’ll use the this tablet wisely, the battery will last about 5 hours of life.

Review conclusion

Putting it all into perspective, Lenovo’s IdeaPad A1 is still a young Padawan. But a talented Padawan at that.