Lenovo IdeaCentre H420 (7752-3FU)


A classic desktop PC

If you are curious and want to know what you get when you leave a system only with its bare essentials, then look at Lenovo’s IdeaCentre H420 (7752-3FU). It is available for as little as $479.99. A desktop PC at its origin, this device has many specs and features to make it go a long way. For activities you are most likely to do every day and which do not require an excellent array of specs, the product is good. We recommend this model if the old one you have has reached its end. Take a seat and read the review we did on this version.

Simple looking design

If you have seen desktop PCs in your life, then you know how they generally look. The Lenovo H420 ((7752-3FU) is the same in this respect. It does not sparkle in any way. The front is black and glossy. Fortunately, its sides are matte. To break boringness, the device has orange/red piping around its chassis. They are there to bring some nice accents to the whole ensemble. Both the front and the back are simple-looking. On the front is one media card reader, a pair of USB 2.0 ports and headphone/mic jacks. The back houses audio jacks, 4 USB 2.0 ports and other such connectivity options. Only 2 memory DIMM slots are featured, besides one PCIe x16 graphics card slot and 3 PCIe x1 card slots.Lenovo-Ideacentre-H420

We’ve rummaged some more inside the H420 ((7752-3FU). We saw a free hard drive. But we did not find a free optical drive bay.

Powered by 2.6GHz G960 dual-core processor

This model is quite an exception for what it is. The majority of desktop PCs are filled with all sorts of nonsense bloatware. This one isn’t. Even trial apps are absent. Except one, that is: a 60-day trial subscription to McAfee’s Internet Security for protection against anti-malware and anti-virus threats.

2.6GHz Intel Pentium G960 dual-core is the kind of CPU used by Lenovo for its latest desktop. That and the subsequent 6GB of memory lend the product good scores in tests. A Photoshop CS5 test was completed in 4:40 minutes. As performance, that is between what the K330-11691AU and the HP p7-1154 score. To be brief, the processor on the H420 (7752-3FU) is powerful enough to help users go through daily chores without a worry. But consumers needing more CPU speed should turn elsewhere for that. This device will not satisfy them.

1TB hard drive storage

To access the World Wide Web and browse pages, the product has Google Chrome. This browser is an alternative to the system’s own browser.

Among other software which is very useful for Lenovo’s newest desktop PC is also a rescue and recovery utility. And burning software for a DVD burner.

A 1TB hard drive is all set to receive various stuff. This addition is a more than pleasant surprise, because most of today’s systems don’t feature it.

If you get the product from Staples – which have the best price for it -, you can take advantage from a couple of services. We did some research: they include things like installation of software, setup, support, data transfer from your old comp to a brand new one and protection plans.

Review conclusion

If you take the Lenovo IdeaCentre H420 (7752-3FU) and compare it to the company’s other IdeaCentre K330-11691AU, the model we reviewed will look inferior. But that that inferior that it should be put aside. It’s just that this version on this page won’t be as fit after several years.