Lenovo Essential G570 43342KU Intel Core i5-2410M

Lenovo-Essential-G570-43342KU-Intel-Core i5-2410M

A new powerful and cheap laptop

Looking for a cheap laptop that will nonetheless offer good performance? People on amazon.com and other trusted sites and blogs recommend the new Lenovo Essential G570 43342KU. Mainly because, despite its very low price, it offers good overall quality. Budget-oriented devices are very popular nowadays, especially due to the crisis. We wanted to see how this laptop performed and we tested it. Read our following review to see our opinions.

1.366 x 768 pixels resolution

The body of the Lenovo G570 43342KU is made of plastic; it managed to resist impacts when we threw it to the ground, so that’s a big plus. The lid, though, is something we’re not fond of, because it got dirty with fingerprints. The laptop we verified a few days ago measured 13.4″ x 9.1″ x 0.7-1.4″ and had a weight of 2.40kg. The Essential G570 43342KU’s screen measures 15.6″; its resolution: 1.366 x 768 pixels. The latter and other specifications helped the display look clear, bright and full of appealing colors. As expected, viewing angles were simply great.Lenovo-Essential-G570-43342KU-Intel-Core i5-2410M

Windows 7 Home Premium

The keyboard on this gadget is similar to IdeaPad models with its island-style shape; the latter had the keys well-spaced, even though some of them would squeak at some point, distracting us somewhat from typing. The Essential G570 43342KU also offers a touchpad; during our test it felt very nice to use it, thanks to the matte textured finish it consists of. It allowed us to perform multitouch gestures.
In terms of processor, this Lenovo laptop comes preinstalled with a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-2410M. It wasn’t great when we tested the device, but it wasn’t horrible either. Windows 7 Home Premium is the operating system used by the Essential G570 43342KU. Where memory and storage space are concerned, we have the following values: 500GB with 5400rpm of hard drive and 4GB with 1.333MHz DDr3 of internal memory. These two were good allies when we wanted to store all our favorite content, including files with music, movies, programs and many more.

Good performance

If you’re an avid gamer, you should know that the product we’re doing a review of on this page features Intel HD3000 graphics and Intel HM65 chipset. When we played some of our older games before trying newer ones, we had little issues, such as a bit of lagging and blurry images.
If you want to know more about connectivity and networking, then we’ll tell you that this device has the following ports and inputs: 4 USB, VGA plus HDMI, Bluetooth, 802.11 Wi-Fi and one SD card reader. Worthy to mention is the DVD burner the Lenovo Essential G570 43342KU sports.
When talking about performance, we have only positive remarks to add, such as: superb responsiveness and speed along with a lot of power for multitasking and not only.

Medium battery life

A touchy subject with every laptop is battery life. The new laptop didn’t offer the results we wanted, because it only lasted 4 hours, as opposed to gadgets delivering 7 hours or so on a single charge.
Concerning warranty, the laptop discussed about today comes with 1-year for both parts and labor, which can be extended if you’re willing to pay. There’s phone support and online support if you come across problems.

Review conclusion

So, if you don’t mind some minor issues regarding the Lenovo Essential G570 43342KU powered by Intel Core i5-2410M, then you should really consider buying it because has a good price and the review conclusion is certain.

Technical specifications

Operating systemWindows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Hard drive500GB 5,400rpm
GraphicsIntel HD3000
Memory4GB, 1,333MHz DDR3
Processor2.3GHz Intel Core i5 2410M
ChipsetIntel HM65
Screen size (diagonal)15.6 inches
System weight / Weight with AC adapter5.3 pounds / 6.0 pounds
Height0.7 inch – 1.4 inches
Dimensions (WD)13.4×9.1 inches