Lenovo C325


An affordable all in one desktop PC

If you’ve been in a all-in-one withdrawal, here’s something to look forward to. Lenovo released its C325 not a long while ago. And it doesn’t even cost a truckload of money. Only $599. The product is an alternative to all the really expensive all-in-ones. But even so, one shouldn’t assume it would be better if they didn’t get this model. Indeed you should, because there’s absolutely nothing lame about the device. We even tested it to prove it. Here’s a review what came of that.

Glossy design

Wherever you look, you’re attacked with rows upon rows of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Gadgets like printers, all-in-ones, mp3 players and such get chocked under those. We’ve done some digging and found Lenovo’s C325. It has the identical external setup like on a desktop; but the difference lies in the fact that this product makes use of parts usually found on a laptop. The latter’s resistance to expansion is also found on this all-in-one.Lenovo-C325

Comparing designs, the C325 looks handsomer than many of its counterparts. The casing is made of plastic. The weight of the components and display are kept low; that’s thanks to a base made of metal. The body is also glossy; we won’t even stress how much of an annoyance that means. However, our mood got better quickly: the screen was matte. If you’re someone who works in an environment with very bright lights, that’s the equivalent of nirvana.

WiFi access

Now on to describing the display some more. Its panel should have had a lower resolution. But it doesn’t, it’s really good. A multitouch option hasn’t yet been incorporated on the C325.

Do basic tasks with the device and the CPU will thank you. Since it’s not made to handle activities which are demanding. The GPU is as low-key as the processor; so keep tasks to a minimum if you don’t want it to explode in your face. The memory isn’t well-suited for demanding stuff, either. And that includes complicated games.

As for connectivity, the C324 doesn’t come with a module for WiFi. Output for external monitors is also out of the question. Everything else is available.

No wireless inputs are present. Instead of them we tested the wired keyboard and mouse. They worked relatively well as substitutes. The C325 remains an all-in-one. And as that, it should have had the wireless inputs.

Limited memory

The speakers are decent, compared with other reviewed devices from the same class. They just need a little more oomph and they’d be great. The webcam isn’t as powerful as Lenovo used to make them in the past.

The operating system brings just 3.5 gigabytes of memory. But it allows for memory upgrade. If you’re ever in a pinch, Lenovo offers a CD full of drivers for troubleshooting. We didn’t need to connect to the Internet to perform the latter.

Among the offers coming with the C325, our thanks goes to the Google Chrome in particular. The McAfee anti-virus is also very good thinking. For an all-in-one, this model doesn’t come with the usually boring and unnecessary bloatware. See others and they’ll annoy you to death with all their pre-installed software.

Review conclusion

The Lenovo C325 is mesmerizing wannabe buyers with a very good price. But that’s not quite good enough. Sure, this all-in-one is durable. Sure, the screen is matte and lovely by extension. However, the CPU isn’t that powerful and the memory isn’t that rewarding.

Technical specifications

OSWindows 7
Display diagonal20 inches
GPU modelRadeon HD 6310
Processor producerAMD
Optical drive typeSlot-loading
Internal storage320 GB