Leapfrog LeapPad 2


Kids should not be forgotten when it comes to gadgets. Important manufacturers have already released some models especially for children. Leapfrog is not a popular name, but their LeapPad 2 is a tablet we got good things from when we set to testing it for this review. Here is what we met with.

A tablet for kids

First things first, it has to be known that the Leapfrog LeapPad 2 is aimed at kids between 3-9 years old. But it’s good even for children who are over this limit.

The touchscreen of this tablet is 5″. Which is a very good value for kids. A 2MP camera is on the front and there is a second one of the same amount of megapixels on the rear. In our set of tests, both these cams did well.

Leapfrog improved the looks of this model. Compared to the original, it’s more elegant. The CPU is a 400MHz; but it can become a 500MHz for more demanding activities. Everything on this gadget is controlled via a stylus. Or the kid’s own fingers. And the responses you get are brilliant. 9 hours was the total amount of life that we were offered by the device’s battery. As for storage, it is originally 2GB. It can reach 4GB.Leapfrog-LeapPad-2

The LeapPad 2 features games that are very enjoyable. Every single one of them is presented by either photos or by a voice. Your kid will get to know everything about the rules and so on. However, we found the music accompanying the games frustrating. We counted over 300 games on this tablet. And over 300 applications. Other than that, you are also offered software that was not featured on the first version.

eBook reader too

Your kid can also read eBooks. An example of that is the Brave eBook. Brave is a new animation created by famous Pixar. Also, it should be noted that eBooks in this case have different purposes. They are selected by the company to help children become better at reading. We reviewed it and it gave a good performance. The processor did not make this tablet lag or crash when we browsed the eBook mentioned above.

But the PeapPad 2 was not implemented with Wi-Fi. To counterattack this lack, the manufacturers made it possible to just connect the device to a laptop or a PC. That way, the user can easily either load pics or download games. This was thought so as to make a kid interested in using the tablet and not in wasting her or his time with difficult and frustrating operations.

Because there are no two kids alike, this tablet was made to accommodate itself and react accordingly to each and every learning pattern of each and every child who uses it. After a while, the LeapPad 2 will adjust its questions to fit the kids’ acquired skills. The built-in games that will help them in the learning process are worth a try or more. If you don’t like them, you can always buy new ones if you can afford it. Because they do not really come cheap, unfortunately.


The Leapfrog LeapPad 2 has a price tag of £5. Which is insanely cheaper than other kids’ tablets. The manufacturer invested quite a lot into making this gadget good for your child. And it’s not just a tablet: it can teach kids all sorts of things. And that is always good.