Le Pan II TC979


A cheap tablet PC on the market

Pick any one manufacturer and they’ll tell you they also offer tablets in their list of gadgets. You’d be seen as an oddball if you didn’t create such a product at least once in your company’s existence. But let’s admit it: there are simply too many tablets to keep track of. We are always asked which model is the best one. We have reviewed many good ones along the way. We got the biggest surprises in terms of great quality from lesser known manufacturers. So if you really want such a device, we have another personal recommendation: Le Pan II TC979. Our review will try and let you know why we think this is a good tablet.

Beautiful design

The company that first launched Le Pan series into the unknown is Matsunichi. Some years ago we also got the opportunity to test the first Le Pan tablet they produced. On that occasion, we were really impressed with that tablet’s performance, specs and build. It was a testament to how not very famous manufacturers can in fact create great gadgets.Le-Pan-II-TC979

The Le Pan II TC979 is a rare product which combines beautiful design with comfort, durability and quality. The gadget is one to look at for more than one minute. It’s that attractive. Its square profile is 4:3. Both its sides feature chrome accents. Ergonomics are very well-thought of. A hold switch, buttons for power and control, a microSD card slot, a charging plug and a headphone jack are all of them situated along the tablet’s top edge.

1.2GHz Snapdragon processor

The charging plug would have been better placed on the tablet’s bottom. But that’s just us and our personal preference. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a con. And we are perfectly content with how the Le Pan II TC979 looks and feels on the whole.

If you look under the covers, you’ll find a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 APQ8060 dual core CPU. Graphics card is called Adreno 220. Graphics power is far better than the one delivered by Tegra 2. The tablet is able to support 1080p video encode/decode; it also supports stereoscopic 3D video playback. This kind of video playback happens thanks to the device’s optional HDMI adapter. Because this model doesn’t feature a resolution of 1080. So, to draw a conclusion here, playing games decoding videos work like a dream. Using a full screen offers the same quality.

Easy to use

Taking the Le Pan II TC979 in one hand was easy. Using it like that felt very comfortable. But after half an hour of continuous use we had to use our other hand as well. After a couple of weeks of use, we noticed that the tablet’s rear got covered in a few scratches. But nothing really serious to worry about.

Naming a con was not an easy task. But in the end we found one which should have been absent. The buttons for volume and power were hard to locate every time we looked for them during tests. They were so small that it got distracting.

The Le Pan II TC979 has a camera on its front. It’s a good addition if you only use it for videochats or for snapping pics of yourself.

Review conclusion

The whole time we used this tablet we had moments when we couldn’t put it down. It’s superb proof of how much small companies are willing to change their undeserved bad reputation.