Kupa X11 Pro Tablet


A different kind of gadget

Kupa America will not make your ears go extra attentive. Because it is not as big a name as other well-known brands. And, for the very first time in its existence, it takes a leap in unknown territory full of competition and launches X11 Pro Tablet. For a price of $799 consumers get a strong device. The options you are offered for connecting various other gadgets are honestly many and well chosen. The user interface will make you use your fingers like crazy and the battery is superb. Tests clearly showed us that this is a Windows tablet worth buying.

Pressure-sensitive input

Kupa America’s X11 Pro Tablet, may be a total newbie on the market of tablets, but it’s made a noticeably good debut. That is not always the case with rookie devices. Now on to more important matters. Like design. This product is a blocky one. The edges it has are square; corners are of a rounded shape. Display-wise, we’re talking about a capacitive one which you can control with your fingers. It features a finish that is matte and very smooth. The tests we did for this review made us appreciate the way our fingers glided over the surface of the screen. If it were made of glass, it would have attracted fingerprints like there was no tomorrow. But, as it is, they did not stick to the tablet’s display.Kupa-X11-Pro-Tablet

We are of the opinion that every tablet should provide a digital pen. The Kupa X11 Pro one comes with such a helpful tool. You will have, via it, cursor control that is more precise. If you feel like your fingertips are imprecise, then you can be happy: this product’s UI is meant exactly for that, to counteract whatever might happen because of your fingertips.

This tablet can be used by designers, too. It will make them love it thanks to that digital pen. Because, among its many offerings, is one which features pressure-sensitive input.

Windows 7 Professional OS

The gadget is kind of heavy: 2.09 pounds. Just look at others and compare their 1.79 or 2 pounds to the weight of this model.

The rear is black and glossy. Again with the glossy, sigh. There was a sense of comfort when we held the Kupa X11 Pro Tablet; the tapered chassis’ bottom edge was the one to make that happen. The following is very funny: the device sports a stylus, however there is no specific place to store it in.

In terms of drive, the tablet made by Kupa America has a 64GB one. The pro of that was clear in how speedy boot times were. Connectivity is made possible through one headphone jack, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and many other options and specifications. The Kupa X11 Pro Tablet operates on Windows 7 Professional system. The 32-bit version, though.

Powered by Intel Atom Z670 processor

A 1.5GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z670 CPU is not a pro. It was simply not powerful enough when we took it for a spin. We did some activities all at once and the processor started to threaten us with lags and freezes. It clearly didn’t feel prepared to do more stuff simultaneously.

The gadget boasts a battery that can put on a show for 7 hours of life in our review. If you can give up on an activity or two, it can last for 8 hours.

Review conclusion

This evaluation was proof that the Kupa America X11 Pro Tablet can be a great device. Even if it comes from a relatively unfamiliar manufacturer.