Kodak EasyShare M530


Four new Kodak compact cameras

Wide-angled, equipped with 5x optical zoom and HD video and sold for less than 200 euros. Is that possible? With the manufacturer of these low cost cameras, anything is possible. The EasyShare M530 is an interesting small camera, with a 2.7 inch display, a 12 megapixel sensor, a 3x zoom, a low resolution video output and an USB port included.

A compact camera at 129 euro

kodak-easyshare-m530This is certainly not the camera of 2010, but its Riviera skies and bright colors plead for it.

Kodak paradox: the old American brand (dated since 1881!) is today a leading supplier of sensors for ultra high-end devices from other manufacturers, such as Leica M9, at exorbitant prices. However, a weird thing is that this brand is known to the general public for its low-end models and its very low-priced products.

The expectations

If you have wanted to buy a compact Kodak in recent years, you’ve probably had the feeling that it’s a lottery, you can either win or lose. A former cult brand of consumer photo, the Kodak manufacturer has declined since the launching of digital input gadgets with a very limited range, but has almost always been saved by very low prices. Its cameras don’t have wide angle and HD included, but, at this price, what could you expect?

The reality

The pleasant surprise of the Kodak M530 is the good quality of images that a digital camera so cheap can produce. Make no mistake: you will probably never be completely accurate in details with a compact high-end. Without enough light, the sensor will produce some dark spots on the images. For this review we tested the product and we found that the use of flash is essential, and were reluctant to we use it, as this device easily loses details and the spontaneity of a picture.

In the performed review, the M530 has mostly amazed us with its warm colors during the daylight. We tried it for a few days and each picture was shown at the height of what we had expected: a postcard full of charm and brilliance. The grass is green, the sky is blue, the sunflowers are yellow, so we managed to get all the colors of summer, without any fading tendency.


Without wide angle

The absence of the wide-angle zoom and its low quality components (tight framework, lack of distance) turn the use of this camera into a funny exercise. We also noticed that it has the tendency to miss some details of photos and forgets to focus on the main subject.

Avoid using this camera indoors without flash, or taking pictures of objects or children moving. Its low sensitivity sensor and its very long loading time make it rather useless sometimes. Similarly, the function of face recognition is almost a joke because it focuses on anything vague round in the area.

Basic ergonomics

The video part can be a solution, but do not expect much from this camera. Speed of reaction is not necessarily the strong point of the M530. A final word on ergonomics: if the case is thin and cute, the buttons are difficult to use. You often need to look where you place your fingers before firing. Which means no spontaneity! M530 did not also recognize half the time the memory card inserted in it. Then we had to switch off and reinsert the SD card and finally perform all these operations again and wait for the start…easyshare-m530

Wide web 2.0

The collection of digital cameras produced by this manufacturer will only confirm its reputation, for all four products listed at less than 200 euros ! They were launched in February 2010 and have been available in stores since April 2010. What do they have in common? An aggressive pricing, a playful design, a face recognition function and a Share button that can automatically send the selected photos and videos to Facebook accounts, Flickr and YouTube, once the unit is connected to a computer.

The four models in detail

EasyShare M530 (129 euro): 2.7 inch screen, 12 megapixel sensor, 3x zoom, low resolution video, USB output.

EasyShare M550 (149 euros): 2.7 inch screen, 12 megapixel sensor, 5x zoom, low resolution video, USB output.

EasyShare M575 (179 euros): three-inch screen, 14 megapixel sensor, 5x zoom wide-angle stabilized, HD video, USB port.

EasyShare M580 (199 euros): 3 inch screen, 14 megapixel sensor, 5x zoom wide-angle stabilized, HD video, HDMI and USB output.

Poor quality picture

The resolutions of 12 and 14 Mpix definitions are very hard to manage for the small and compact sensors they have. The first tests with the M530 offered very poor state of shots (some were actually faded) compared to the much nicer pictures provided by Panasonic F3 for a similar price.

Review conclusion

This is a camera sold for a very low price (129 euros) that you can only use for outdoor activities, perhaps holidays condition there is enough light. Too slow and too insensitive to other uses (sports, indoors…), this camera has no other purpose than to take pictures of landscapes and cities. A maker of postcards, in short, but that is pretty good, thanks to its colors full of warmth and brightness.

Positive points (pros)

* Low price for all the series
* Three-inch display with enough resolution
* Pleasant design

Negative points (c0ns)

* Very low quality images…
* … especially with a 14 Mpix difficult to work with !


Chip TypeCCD
Resolution Width in Pixel0
Resolution Height in Pixel0
Viewfinder TypeLCD Monitor
Memory TypeInternal and External
Optical Zoom3
Digital Zoom5
Depth in mm22.7
Height in mm56.7
Lowest Focal Length in mm36
Focal Length in mm108
Interchangeable lensNo
Screen Size2.7
Video CaptureVideo + Sound
Secure DigitalYes
Micro DriveNo
Compact FlashNo
Memory Stick / Memory Stick ProNo
Memory Stick Duo / Duo ProNo
Internal Memory size in MB32
Continuous shooting0
Resolution in Pixel230000
Max Resolution Mode Video Width640
Max Resolution Mode Video Height480
Ability to save files in RAW0
Maximum Aperture Tele0
Maximum Aperture Wide0
Shutter Speed Fastest in Second0
Shutter Speed slowest in Second0
Sensor Size1/2.3 “
Battery TypeKodak KLIC-7006
Image StabilizerStabilizer Electronic
DebuggingFace Detection
Shutter Priority0
Aperture Priority0
Number of frames per second in video mode30

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    Hello there 🙂
    What do you think of the Nikon COOLPIX S8100?
    My personal digital camera recently broke, and I need to know if anyone thinks this would be a nice one. If you have a much better camera thought in mind let me know, best wishes.

  2. UK at 5:33 am

    I love this camera. It is compact, comes in cute colors, has a vivid screen and takes crisp, clear pictures. I’m no professional, but for an on the go college student this has surely passed the test. It outshines my old camera (a samsung) and I have yet to get a blurry picture, even when taking shots of mountains while driving at 60 mph. The new share function on the new Kodak line is awesome as well!