Kindle 3G review


The most famous ebook reader: Amazon Kindle 3G

Even if Kindle wasn’t the very first ebook reader, Amazon’s gadget was definitely the most famous one, mainly because it offered a book like view, which wasn’t bothering for the eye at all. As well, due to the fact that it’s main producer is maybe the world’s leader in retail businesses, it has received a lot of advertising. The result? A top product, perfect for those that like to read ebooks, but don’t have the time to go to the library and buy them. Is it worth ? Let’s see the test and the review ! 🙂

3G wireless access for free

The new Kindle 3G comes with an improved aspect, more adapted to the requirements of the first Kindle customers, a built-in 3G wireless (perfectly free) and a native .pdf file compatibility. However, due to the positive feedback that Kindle 3 G has been receiving lately, we wanted to review Kindle 3G, mainly to see in test what this gadget can and if the rumors are true.

6 inch display

amazon-kindle-3gFirst of all, Kindle 3G comes with a slimmer design (compared to its predecessor) and a price that can be afforded by almost every book lover: $189, just like a regular smartphone. As you may already know, Kindle 3G comes with a 6” screen (21% smaller compared to its previous version) and a 4 GB built-in memory HDD. Unfortunately, the memory can not be upgraded, although, 4Gb will be more than enough for most of the users, as 4Gb are enough for storing about 3500 ebooks.

Good battery life

The battery life is definitely improved, compared to its first version. Basically, Kindle 3G comes up with a battery that can last more than one month. Of course, in order to achieve such a performance, the wireless feature must be turned off. Otherwise, the battery life will run up in no more than one week or so.
As well, we found out that Kindle 3G comes with a fast page turning feature. According to Amazon, the new gadget turns the pages faster with about 20%, therefore a big improvement from this point of view.

Native .pdf files reader

As concerning the native pdf reader, it comes with several interesting features. For example, the pdf reader comes with built-in translator and dictionary, as well as support for password-protected files saved on Kindle reader. A big improvement here, too, if you ask us. Our documents can’t be viewed anymore by anyone that accesses the gadget, therefore a big “plus” for them.
The screen is pretty good too: it displays non-LCD backlit, specially meant to reduce eye strain and to offer a book-a-like view. Unlike other LCD based screens, this one is perfect readable in powerful sunlight conditions, therefore it’s net superior to all the other screens, especially to the all the other .pdf readers.

Review conclusions

As a conclusion of our test and review, Kindle 3G is definitely the most complete ebook reader that can be bought nowadays on the tech markets, therefore it is definitely a must-have for those that like to read and don’t have the possibility to carry many books with them.

Technical specifications

Operating SystemLinux
Processor FrequencyNC
Flash memory (in MB)3300
Support Memory CardsNo
Physical keyboardYes
Manual switch to landscape modeYes
Number of available fonts1
Number of font sizes available8
Size (diagonal)15.24 cm
Screen resolution600 x 800
Display TechnologyE-Ink Pearl
Touch technologyNA
Format headphone jack3.5 mm
PC interfaceUSB 2.0
Support for Wi-Fi802.11 b / g
3G supportYes
Bluetooth supportNo
Connector Type USBMicro USB
USB HostNo
Battery Capacity (mAh)NC
Autonomy announced by number of pages turnedNC
Autonomy announced in days30
Mains ChargerOptional
Carrying CaseOptional
Weight (grams)246
Width (cm)12.19
Height (cm)19.05
Thickness (cm)0.85