A new 47 inch LCD HDTV

There are many satisfied customers about this JVC JLE47BC3001, and then there are those who don’t like it, even after owning it a long time. But it should be noted that this device is the only TV whose screen size measures less than 55″ and which comes with local dimming capabilities. Those who didn’t enjoy this product complained about it not having brilliant customer support, Ethernet or nice display specifications. Anyway, is this TV really any good? Find out from the review we wrote some hours ago.

Average refresh rate

JVC’s newest JLE47BC3001 shines when it comes to the screen. The 47″ of the display were plenty when we tested this TV to enjoy whatever it was that we watched because is a full HD 1080p one. Still, it’s not as large as others, but that means that it won’t consume a lot of power; to make it clear, it consumed half the power that a 55″ screen does. So without further ado this device is an excellent choice for users worried about the environment. Sadly, specifications are less than impressive: the refresh rate was average – 120Hz and not even the CrystalMotion and CrystalColor features couldn’t save the day -, the contrast ratio was only 2.000.000:1 and so on. It would have been better if the JVC JLE47BC3001 had a refresh rate of 240Hz, because then movement smoothness would have been tons better. JVC-JLE47BC3001

Ethernet port included

This doesn’t mean that you’ll see blurring when looking at movies with a lot of action scenes, for example; but the thing is that these aspects begin to show when looking at the display of other and better TVs. Image quality provided by JLE47BC3001 was mostly ok, although we did notice grayish blacks and dim whites when taking a closer look at the screen.
The smart dimming with Ambient Light Sensor technology performed quite well for this review.
Something of quite huge importance with any TV is the presence of an Ethernet port. Well, the one we tested a while back didn’t have any, as opposed to most high-end products which come with wireless routers that offer access to the World Wide Web. But on the bright side there is USB multimedia support, so at least you’ll have that to maybe distract you from other shortcomings.

XinemaSound technology

When discussing sound performance of JLE47BC3001, the XinemaSound and SRS StudioSound HD both worked very well and enabled us to hear whatever was going on on the screen with perfect ease; we didn’t once have to turn the volume all the way up.
The full 1-year warranty is one of the TV’s redeeming points, especially since there are many others that offer less. On the other hand, customer support isn’t what it should be: there’s not even live chat support and also no FAQ Internet page.

Review conclusion

All in all, the JVC JLE47BC3001 is a nice TV with concern towards the environment and the quality of finding its place in any room of your home.

Technical specifications

* Slim Design with LED backlit
* 1080p Full HD
* 2M:1 contrast ratio
* E-LED Backlit
* USB multimedia support
* Xinema Sound
* Crystal Color Technology
* USB Multimedia Support
* Smart dimming with Ambient Light Sensor
* Crystal clear audio with XinemaSound & SRS StudioSound HD