iRulu 7″ Android 4.0


The $199 iRulu 7″ is a tablet computer that is unlike many of its generation. And the ones before it. As you will see from our review below.

The looks on this gadget are appealing. It’s a nice tablet to look at and use. We had no problems, during tests, to find its controls. When we used them, they felt smooth and offered great feedback.

Non QWERTY keyboard

As for connectivity, you get one mini-USB, one HDMI output and a slot for a microSD card. The latter is not featured on this device.

The display is a 7″ one. From watching a movie to playing a game and every kind of other content, the touchscreen delivers them in good quality. It’s not as superb as other tablets we have tested so far, but it’s still a great display to watch stuff on. And the battery lasted almost a full day.iRulu-7-Android-4.0

The keyboard on this iRulu 7″ is a pop-up one. And that meant some issues while working with it. Such as having buttons which sit cramped because the spaces between them are not enough. Then there was the problem of feedback: they did not deliver fast responses when pressed. This is all because this keyboard is not a QWERTY one. And that is always a con. You can, though, get a USB keyboard. Even though nothing will beat a QWERTY keyboard in the end.

Fast browsing

If you have to work a lot online, then the pre-installed browser helps you do that without experiencing lags, freezes and other problems. Looking at streaming content was an enjoayble experience. We were able to read eBooks, too. Moreover, the sound that came from the tablet’s speakers is nothing short of great. Which surprised us, seeing that the company that made this device is not as famous as others.

We also tried our hands at getting a link to a Comcast email and Gmail. There is an email application which helps with that. And the process we went through to set them up was a piece of cake. The tablet moved quickly and smoothly and in time at all we could reap the benefits.

Powered by ICS

The fact that the body of this tablet is not as heavy and as thick as other devices competing against it puts the iRulu 7″ at a clear advantage, More so that it comes with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Which, though not as groovy as the newly released 4.1 Jelly Bean, it does have an advantage: it does not eat as much battery as the other OS version. And that, in the long run, is a better fact. Besides, even if this product does not cost a lot, it still stays on top. Because the features and functions that it sports are the same as on more expensive models. Which goes to show that being expensive does not always mean you are superior in terms of performance, design and so on.

A second issue we were faced with was when we wanted to Skype with a friend. It was not an experience worthy at praise. Our Skype refused to work. We tried everything we could, with no success. Tango did work, though.

The 1.3MP cam on this gadget took nice pics. But they lacked the same good quality delivered by other cams on other tablets.

Review conclusions

The iRulu 7″ we reviewed today here is certainly not better than other models we have tested up until now. But we noticed that it did not hiccup when we used it. Only once or twice.

Technical specifications

Hardware supportOpenGL 2.0 3D graphics
ProcessorBOXCHIP A10 -1.2GHZ(cortex A8)
Operating systemAndroid 4.0
Display5 point Capacitive 7″ touchsreen
Resolution800*480 px
Camera0.3 MP
Storage4GB memory internal storage, expandable up to 32GB
WiFiIEEE802.11b/g standard
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 port