iLuv Mo’Beats iSP245


A Bluetooth speaker for your phone

The CES event that happened between the 10th and the 13th of this month in Las Vegas was packed with many gadgets waiting to show their talents to curious crowds of people interested in what’s new in the technology universe. And the new stuff coming from the direction of all the big names is something to really look forward to. iLuv will present its most recent $89.90 Mo’Beats iSP245, a Bluetooth speaker operating wireless for your smartphone, iPad or iPod which will have the release date in May 2012. In other words, if you are bored with your single stereo system, you can start this gadget, put your smartphone in and hear your loved tunes in any room at any volume level. Now we’ll stop the talk and present the results of our usual tests.

Efficient design

The iLuv Mo’Beats iSP245 has one of the most efficient designs in the history of wireless Bluetooth speakers. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your room because it’s very compact, has good specs and also very slim. The color also – black – does a lot to make the gadget shine in the eyes of the beholder with its sleek factor. The different other Bluetooth speakers currently existing on the market are not even capable to do what this one is doing, and that is to become a stand to receive the user’s mobile device. To that purpose, the Mo’Beats iSP245 utilizes a tray or a cradle which serves as a place to assure that whatever you put inside – be it a tablet or a smartphone – sits without falling down and breaking; in the meantime the user can cook dinner, wash dishes and so on while listening to a song or watch a cooking show.iLuv-Mo'Beats-iSP245

Perfect connectivity

The body with its design that reminds of a cylinder features 2 high-fidelity speakers and they are placed on each end of the gadget. This particular design was perfect when, while testing the iLuv iSP245 speakers, we watched something on our smartphone, as both the landscape and portrait modes delivered the same unfazed image quality from the screen. The speakers of this product function via Bluetooth and this means that whenever the consumer wants to change the orientation, the design allows it without the system getting disconnected; this way playback will go on without problems.

Other issue-less situation was when we connected our tablet to the iSP245 via wireless and started to stream our most beloved tunes. If your media player is several years older and it doesn’t have Bluetooth, no problem: this gadget can, with its 3.5-mm jack, offer compatibility for many media players.

Good sound quality

The speakers installed on the Mo’Beats iSP245 are high definition, therefore the sound we could hear coming from our smartphone and tablet was clearly a revelation to our ears; every lyric and change in vocals was heard very clearly.

Many gadgets made in the past year had their Achilles’ heel in their batteries. The latest iLuv Bluetooth speakers don’t have that issue and the one this product has installed is lithium-ion and rechargeable battery, in a word perfect if you are on the go and need the gadget to offer portability while at the same time resume normal activity quickly.

Review conclusion

iLuv is the next best thing in Bluetooth speakers and the Mo’Beats iSP245 is one of its many reviewed jewels. And it doesn’t cost a lot, so you get to kill two birds with one stone if you consider getting this product.