iHome iP4


A retro style stereo boombox

If you grew up in the 80s and always carried your boombox on the shoulder to look cool, then you’ll certainly love the iHome iP4 that will remind you perfectly of those days. This retro style has nothing to do with the performance, which stays in this century and is simply awesome rather than faulty. The product has a price tag of $199.99 and is one of the best solutions for docking your iPhone or iPod in a safe place. We’ll develop the impressions of our test in the following review.

iPhone / iPod compatible

The boombox was, if you were born, say, only 16 years ago, very popular among teenagers in the 80s, as famous as Madonna who you could hear sing one of her famous songs from back then on this product. The unpacking of the box of this iHome iP4 revealed a gadget weighing just 7.5 pounds, which is less than the original one it copies. Though it’s certainly much slimmer than the first boombox, this device is not thinner or smaller than that one. With it come a remote control that’s magnetic, a power supply, a strap for carrying, a user’s manual and an optional external FM antenna.iHome-iP4

Design-wise, the iHome iP4 is made to endure almost everything and this is indicated by an exterior that’s rubbery, so that it leaves scratches no room to settle; as usual we tested the product’s durability by dropping it from 1 m and it didn’t even register a minor scratch, not to say that its performance was totally unaffected.

Digital amplification

This dock is amplified in a digital manner. This improves the life of the battery by a lot if the user decides to run the product off the included batteries.

On the front of the iHome iP4 find home the keys for Power, Volume, SRS TruBass, FM Tuning and more. The actual place to put your iPhone or iPod is right smack in the middle. It is accompanied by a security bar to maintain the smartphone or the iPod from falling down and breaking. The integrated antenna for FM worked very well outside, so reception was flawless. There’s also an antenna for indoor use or when you’re at the countryside and it also works as it should. Not to forget: the iHome iP4 is devoid of FM station presets.

5-band equalizer

The remote control we mentioned before starting the actual review felt very comfortable and its buttons were easy to press. If you’re the type who loses a remote often, the one coming with this device is magnetic, so you can put it either near the product’s handle or on your refrigerator for safekeeping.

Features and specs aren’t as exceptional as what the P1 version had to offer. So directly after taking the P4 out of its package we didn’t experience amazing sound. After a while, however, things changed for the better after we hit the button for SRS TruBass. With its aid, the high and low frequencies were simply mind-blowing. The product’s 5-band EQ acted like a boosting tool for the sound quality, which became one of the best we ever heard. We then let the iHome iP4 rest for a bit and, when we turned it back on, the audio quality was even better than before. What truly shined were the electric bass and vocals; distortions were completely absent.

Review conclusion

The iHome iP4 with its boombox shape and great performance is a must-have that we recommend for all iPhone and iPod owners who want to experience the best audio from their gadgets.

Technical specifications

* Brand Name: iHome
* Model: iP4PZ
* Remote Control: yes
* Magnetized remote control
* 100V – 240V / 6 batteries
* SRS TruBass and 5 band EQ