i-Qute USB flash i-Mummy, i-Bear, i-Gingerman and i-Pirate


A funny design for a cheap gadget

Design is one feature that certainly makes the InnoDisk i-Qute different from other USB flash drives available on the market these days. It comes in four funny and unique types in the shape of four characters: i-Mummy, i-Bear, i-Gingerman and i-Pirate, all of them likely to get your attention from the bulky futuristic design that has become a common – some would say overrated – feature of most USB flash drives. So if you want to stand out and be original, this is one computer storage and transfer device to buy.
The i-Qute is made of silicon and is easy to carry. The soft material ensures long term functionality in case of repeated rugged conditions of transport.

Good compatibility

These unique USB flash drives come with the standard memory capacity of 2.0 and are compatible with 1.1 technologies. The operating systems they are able to work with are all versions of Windows, including XP and Vista, Mac (OS 9.0 above), and also Linux (Kernel 2.4 above), which is a big plus.
They also come with a LED that indicates the inception of data transfer activities and lets you know, of course, whether the USB flash drive is in contact with the host.
However, you should know that the i-Qute USB flash drive doesn’t have any security software installed so if you’re interested in technology able to protect sensitive information and passwords and also to encrypt files, this may not be what you’re looking for.i-Qute-i-Mummy

Without security software

As far as efficiency and performance are concerned, according to the results of our tests and the comparisons made with other USB flash drives, we can assure you that it has performed quite well: it reads and transfers data quickly.
The i-Qute USB flash drive series (i-Mummy, i-Bear, i-Gingerman and i-Pirate) combines a unique, funny and original design with the good performance of its basic functions, data storage and transfer. The lack of security software and technical support via e-mail and telephone do not affect in any way the high functionality of these special USB flash drives.