Huawei Vision


A new smartphone at a good price

People down under: this year you still get a special present from Huawei. A new smartphone was made last year by the Chinese manufacturer and consumers in Australia were the first to get it just in time for Christmas. You can still buy this phone if our review convinces you to do that. If not, there are always other such devices you can check out on our blog. Testing the $279 Vision was an experience filled with fun and all sorts of niceties.

Unibody aluminum design

Huawei has built a solid reputation on making one of the cheapest phones. But in the past, their models have all been made only of plastic that showed the low price of its owner. That’s about one of the reasons why they weren’t ditched right away by their buyers. And the performance they put on display was decent. But it left people craving for more. So last year Huawei did something and came with a new smartphone with which they wanted to woo consumers.

The first step into the right direction is the design. It is no longer as unattractive as past models. The chassis is made of unibody aluminum. The cover hiding the battery has a tri-tone styling. Just like what HTC uses on its own smartphones. Beneath that cover are placed, besides the battery, the following: a microSD card slot and a SIM slot. The former has 2GB.Huawei-Vision

3.7 inch display

Lo and behold the screen of the Vision: a 3.7″ that looks nothing like previous ones. The display doesn’t even look like it belongs to a cheap smartphone. Resolution is WVGA. It certainly makes colors look better than on other budget devices. You’ll experience, the same as us in tests, fine off-axis viewing angles. Using your fingertips on the Vision’s touchscreen feels smooth. Unlike what we felt with all the other Huawei phones.

To let you have a pleasant typing experience, there is an app which enhances that. Via TouchPal you can easily get one of the best typing sensations ever. Early word prediction is one of its pros. If, in any case, this application doesn’t work, you can still type; with Android Gingerbread’s keyboard. A 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU provides power to the Huawei Vision. This processor is sure to bring with it 512MB of RAM. In the chip is also featured a GPU called Adreno 205.

5MP camera

Games and multitasking did not slow the phone down. Maybe once or twice, but that was all. Browsing the World Wide Web was a smooth experience; every single page loaded fast and looked good. As for battery life: one day and a half was the amount of time it lasted for. Pretty good value for a cheap smartphone.

We felt like taking photos at one point. So we used the device’s 5MP model. It did not surprise us at all. Multimedia isn’t well represented. It simply refused to play a video in 720p. TV-out and DLNA streaming are not present. Too bad, they would have fit well in its specs.

Third-party applications on this phone are all a good source of entertainment. The user interface is not as attractive as the Sense one on HTC. But it still draws in.

Review conclusion

In the end of this review we can conclude that the Huawei Vision doesn’t give away the past reputation of the company. It’s a new smartphone with a good price and much better performance overall than what we would have expected from this company.