Huawei Pinnacle


A very cheap phone from Metro PCS

Is it just us or are there fewer and fewer fun smartphones to buy? We miss variety and what it used to bring with it in the past. Nowadays phone seem too much bent on looking either super stylish or very slim/light. But, just when we thought we wouldn’t see a quirky device, along came Huawei’s Pinnacle. And so we regained faith in humanity, err manufacturers slash technology. From beginning to end, testing this product felt like a rewarding and fun experience. Oh whom we’ll discuss in today’s review.

Pleasant design

The Huawei Pinnacle comes exclusively for MetroPCS. This smartphone is so good for those moments when all you want to do is read and write text messages. And when you wish to play with personal-assistant apps. So we seriously say: go for this phone! If you’re not convinced even by this, then you must know that the price is wickedly awesome: $19 on MetroPCS.

Boring and ugly phones still exist. And they will until the end of times, most likely. But for your peace of mind, the Huawei Pinnacle is making an exception. And that is possible via its design first and foremost. The front is painted gray. The back is a smooth black color. These are already winning elements. But what truly makes it worth the while are the buttons for navigation; and how they have a circle motif. Also, something else to swoon over: the keyboard and the navigation toggle have accents in bright red. Diverting our attention to other design factors, we noticed that the phone’s dimensions are: 4.3″ x 2.4″ x 0.5″. 3.5 ounces is the weight. Even if it’s a light device, the Pinnacle has a great balanced feel when you hold it.Huawei-Pinnacle

QWERTY keyboard

The screen is not a small one. There are 2.4″ on the diagonal and 320 x 240 pixels for resolution. That is what you would find on a device of such dimensions. The display behaved well when we entered text or looked at an Internet page. 262,000 colors are supported by the screen. There was no way we would complain about all of this specs. Because sharpness and brightness and so on were good. The phone’s navigation array is great. Under it find shelter four buttons that form a keyboard of the QWERTY style. It wasn’t a perfect one, but time will make it feel comfortable, albeit keys being a bit stiff.

The UI was borrowed from Google’s Android. In the sense that it has nice and fun menu options. And it also gains sympathy by featuring rich icons. What more would you want? You as a user have a lot of control with the interface’s options. There is no way you can tweak the front, but other than that everything is permitted. The keys that allow you to do that, among other things, are all soft.

Weak battery life

Features are not as many as on, say, Samsung’s smartphones. That’s why we said this is a device that is ideal for people who concentrate on reading and writing messages. Bluetooth 2.0, MetroWeb browser, a 1.3MP camera (which wasn’t a pro during tests for this review), alarm clock and other common features can be admired on the Pinnacle at leisure.

Quality during calls is a mixed bag. Voices sound a bit distant when you are the one who calls someone. But callers will complain that your voice is too loud. Pros: no background noises and no white noises. Speakerphone has a really low volume. Battery life: 4 hours.

Review conclusion

Huawei’s Pinnacle phone can guarantee plenty of fun once you take it home. Its cons are not at all many.