Huawei G6600


A smartphone with Windows Live Messenger access

With its QWERTY keyboard for fast communication through SMS and instant messaging included, Huawei G6600 is a smartphone launched and made for youngest generations. Featuring a full keyboard for easy communication via instant text messages and access to the MSN network, this phone targets young consumers. And attracts them with its low price and multimedia features. Its features are basic, but complete and this is a very good advantage.

After the latest smartphone which was launched at the end of 2009 under its own brand called U8230 -which was a smartphone powered by the Android operating system -, Huawei is back with a new model, the G6600. This one is once again marketed by one of the biggest European telecommunication operators. Built around a proprietary system, this BlackBerry-sized phone with a QWERTY keyboard comes to directly compete the Messenger Edition 251 designed to send SMS and Instant Messaging. The Windows Live Messenger system is directly integrated. It worked very well in our tests.

EDGE technology

huawei-g6600The phone is available without subscription at the same price. It has two mobile display characteristics that are quite similar, especially in the multimedia field. The first is a 2 megapixel sensor digital camera and the second is an FM radio. There’s also a video player with a 3.5mm jack and a microSD slot allowing up to 16GB of memory.

However, until the Messenger Edition becomes the only smartphone with a touchscreen, the Huawei G6600 has the advantage of being compatible with EDGE mobile network and the ability to enjoy a bit of mobile Internet (browsing and downloading applications in the space of the operator, but the phone doesn’t feature a Direct Store in it menu).

This phone is available from 1 euro in Europe with certain operators. It ships with an Universal Mobile package ( with SMS and Windows Live Messenger unlimited). The G6600 is priced at about 99 EUR without a subscription.

Positive points (pros)

* QWERTY keyboard;
* Good compatibility with EDGE network;
* A lot of multimedia features;
* It has a low price for these features.

Negative points (cons)

* No touchscreen.

Technical specifications

Integrated Digital Camera: Yes;
Music player: Yes;
SmartPhone: Classical;
Weight ( grams): 103 grams.