Huawei Blaze U8510‎ (IDEOS X3)


A cheap phone with good performance

There are expensive smartphones and then there are cheap ones. But don’t be fooled by the latter, because some of them really have more than decent features, performance and such. An example is the Huawei Blaze U8510 called also IDEOS X3. The device is well-built, comes with a vast array of features and a good display to take into consideration. This all goes to show that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Here’s how this smartphone performed in our tests.

3.2 inches touchscreen display

Huawei is not as popular a name as Samsung, Apple and others. But the Chinese manufacturer is selling a lot of its smartphones in the UK and its popularity is on the rise. The design might not be for everybody, but it’s not an ugly device either; the 3.2 inches touchscreen display of the Huawei Blaze U8510 is glossy black and between it and the phone’s rear runs a band of silver plastic. Its front is also made of plastic; during our review it didn’t feature protection against scratches, so much so that we had to buy a screen protector. Unlike the majority of smartphones flooding nowadays’ shops, this one’s sides are, with the exception of the button for volume, devoid of any keys.Huawei-Blaze-U8510‎

Powered by Android Gingerbread 2.3.4

The latest Huawei Blaze uses Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 and sports the usual Android specifications, such as GPS, HSDPA mobile internet and many more. The user interface was created by Huawei themselves and we noticed some flaws in our tests; take the animations for the menu transition, for instance: they didn’t look that good. Neither did the clock widget and, to be honest, the UI generally made the device function slowly. But there’s good news: should the interface bother you, you can always give it up and instead use one of the launcher applications found in the Android Market.

The 600MHz CPU with 256MB of RAM is one of the weakest points of the Blaze U8510 (IDEOS X3). Menu navigation, Internet browsing, multitasking and other day to day activities were performed at slow speeds and we went through some lagging. Another thing that produced frustration when we rated the smartphone was when we tapped the soft keys, because they more than once didn’t register our thumbs.

Responsive screen

The screen of the Blaze U8510 / IDEOS X3 responded well whenever we used it and typing on it as well as using different websites felt more than comfortable. This display offers support for multi-touch gestures, a good piece of news indeed. Writing a text message felt cramped when we did it in the portrait mode, but it was to be expected due to the screen’s small measurements. The resolution offered impressive viewing angles and the possibility of looking at the display even in bright outside light.

Internal memory on the Huawei Blaze U8510 means 150MB. After installing a number of applications, the smartphone’s OS allowed us to move them to an SD card. One of the said apps had the mission of checking the device’s 3G usage and, when it was the case, issue a warning should we have exceeded the pre-determined amount.

Weak battery life

Referring to the built-in camera, we’ll just say that the images didn’t shine: colors were dull and looked as if they were paintings.

If you’re curious about battery life, we were able to use the device almost a day without recharging it; and we used it moderately, so keep that in mind if you want a new phone. Or just turn 3G off when you use this one. The quality of calls was decent.

Review conclusion

Huawei’s newest Blaze U8510 (IDEOS X3) belongs to the mid-range category of smartphones. At rhe end of this review we can conclude that its attractive price tag, features and build are enough to ensure that it will sell well.

Technical specifications

* Operating systemAndroid 2.3 Gingerbread
* Display size3.2 inch Capacitive, TFT display
* Screen resolution480 x 320 pixels resolution HVGA
* Available networksDual band UMTS, Quad band GSM
* Video player/recorder
* Music player
* G-Sensor
* 256MB RAM, 512MB flash memory
* Up to 16GB expandable memory
* Camera3.2 MP Fixed Focus camera
* Front camera
* Google Search, Maps, GMail
* 3.5 mm audio jack
* FM Radio
* A-GPS, Compass
* 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microUSB connectivity
* Total weight110 grams
* Battery1200 mAh
* External size110 x 65.5 x 11 mm