Huawei Ascend G300


A cheap Android phone

A mobile operator who does not feature a smartphone with Android OS at a price of £100 is not worthy of too much attention from consumers. So they should at least wait until that operator has such a phone. If not, then they should opt for either Orange or T-Mobile. But it certainly looks like Vodafone got wind of what these two major companies were doing and decided to join the race. With Huawei’s Ascend G300. Which is a cheap smartphone. The name of the manufacturer will only sound familiar to a few of you. But keep an open mind and you might actually be amazed by this test. How? Check out our review below.

Charming design

From the very first moment you are caught in its stare, the Huawei Ascend G300 won’t convince you it is cheap. Because design-wise, this looks like a much more expensive phone. The way it’s build and the style it has made us remember how older HTC smartphones looked like. That should not make you think that this is a vintage model. Not in the slightest is it outdated. The rounded edges it sports are the solution to a very comfortable feeling you get when you hold the device. The fact that it can be used with either your left or your right hand alone adds to its charm.Huawei-Ascend-G300

Under the display you’ll be greeted by 3 capacitive keys. Which have backlight. Above the touchscreen are the button for Power and one jack for inserting your pair of headphones. Underneath the black cover on the rear sit a microSD card slot, the battery and several other specs. The key for Volume is located on the phone’s left side. In its entirety, the Ascend G300 isn’t cluttered with too many design elements. Which is a very welcome change compared to what other handsets get you sick with when looking at them.

480 x 800 pixels display

Boy oh boy, we really did not think that a budget phone would have such an epic touchscreen. In terms of image quality. It is a 4-incher and its resolution is also something to behold: 480 x 800 pixels. Yeah, its value is low, but what it does is what counts. And what it does is deliver great depth of detail, splendid colors and superb brightness. At least the latter holds true when the phone is used inside. Because when you take it to your back garden, the sun will make it impossible to see what the display shows. Major con.

In terms of touch feedback, this screen isn’t impressive, compared with other reviewed smartphones. Before offering a reply, the display had a tendency to lag.

1GHz Qualcomm processor

The processor is a 1GHz single-core Qualcomm. However modest it seems, in our tests it performed well. Of course, it did not handle videos in 720p well, but it ran tasks and various apps lag-free. Streaming videos on it didn’t make us frown in exasperation.

The camera that was integrated on the Ascend G300 sucked at delivering fine details to pics. But you’ll be able to share them on Facebook, so it’s not such a major con.

Calling people while sitting inside and then outside went well. Call quality was good in every situation. But battery life was a letdown. Every time we used the phone for a lot of things often, it didn’t last a day. So if you have to make a lot of phonecalls and do a lot of tasks, skip this device.

Review conclusion

The Huawei Ascend G300 is a lovable smartphone. Its one and only flaw: the battery.